Saudi Arabia will relax some border control measures from May 30

According to a notice issued by the Saudi Ministry of the Interior on the afternoon of May 29, local time, all ports on the Saudi border will begin at 13:00 on May 30, local time, allowing visitors from the UAE, Germany, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland. Passengers from 11 countries, including France, France, and Japan, entered the country and imposed compulsory quarantine measures on passengers who were “unimmunized” (that is, unable to provide proof of the diagnosis or vaccination).

In February this year, the Saudi government announced that tourists from 20 countries were prohibited from entering the country. After the relaxation of some control measures on May 30, nine countries, including Argentina, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, and India, are still on the list of tourist bans issued by Saudi Arabia.

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