South Korean polls: only 20% of South Koreans and Japanese people have a good impression of each other’s country.

Yonhap News Agency reported on the 29th that the results of a poll recently released by the Korea Institute of Economic Research under the National Brokers Federation of Korea showed that only 20% of the people of South Korea and Japan have a favorable view of each other’s country. About 70% of the respondents believe that improvements should be made. Bilateral relations.

It is reported that Mono Research, a polling agency commissioned by the Korea Economic Research Institute, conducted relevant investigations on a total of 1431 Koreans and Japanese citizens (714 Koreans and 717 Japanese). The results show that only 16.7% of South Koreans and 20.2% of Japanese people have a reasonable opinion of the other country’s country, 48.1% of South Koreans and 42.8% of Japanese people have no liking or dislike for each other’s government, and a high proportion of people do not like each other. More than twice as good impressions were expressed, and the proportions of neutral attitudes were 35.2% and 37%, respectively.

The report mentioned that despite this, the nationals of the two countries still look forward to improving bilateral relations. 78% of South Koreans and 64.7% of Japanese believe that the two governments should build a cooperative relationship. As for the areas that require cooperation, Koreans answered: “jointly researching historical issues” the most, accounting for 23.5%, followed by “economics and trade” (21.7%), and “culture¬∑tourism” (20.4%). The Japanese are in order of “Culture¬∑Tourism” (23.2%), “Economy and Trade” (21%), and “Military Security” (17.2%).

Regarding the most significant negative impact brought about by the conflict between South Korea and Japan, the report said that the respondents believed that “the public of the two countries did not trust each other” (29.3% of Koreans and 28% of Japanese) and “shrinking bilateral transactions” (22.2% of Koreans). , Japanese 16.2%).

Yonhap News Agency mentioned that the Korea Economic Research Institute stated that the leaders of South Korea and Japan are expected to meet at the Group of Seven (G7) summit to be held next month and that they should actively pursue a plan to develop cooperation between the two countries.

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