Seven “aircraft carrier strike groups” approaching? The southern theater released a video, thousands of live ammunition shooting in the South China Sea.

At present, the overall situation in the South China Sea remains stable. This fully demonstrates that countries in the region have the wisdom, ability, and methods to handle differences properly and safeguard peace together. However, some Western countries headed by the United States, fearing that the world will not be in chaos, brazenly used the so-called “freedom of navigation” to send warships to the waters around China.

According to the “Global Times” report, recently, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and other countries have successively dispatched warships to the South China Sea to carry out the so-called “freedom of navigation” operation. The report pointed out that including the USS Reagan and Roosevelt aircraft carriers, the amphibious assault ships “Makin Island” and the USS US, as well as the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” and the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, France” The “Raiden” amphibious assault ship may have seven aircraft carriers or quasi-aircraft carrier strike groups appearing around China.

As the seven “aircraft carrier strike groups” approached China, the People’s Liberation Army also launched intensive operations. According to a CCTV military report on May 24, recently, at a maritime shooting range in the South China Sea, a brigade of the Southern Theater Naval Aviation Corps organized a fighter bomber to launch a live-fire drill, highlighting precision strikes and carrying out saturation attacks.

The video footage released by the southern theater showed that fighter planes soared into the air, carrying out an ultra-low-altitude concealed penetration at sea and rushing towards the sea shooting range. Subsequently, the fighter plane launched a specific type of rockets and aerial artillery shells to carry out dive attacks on floating targets on the sea. Combining with the characteristics of live-fire attack training, it carried out bombs, rockets, aerial cannons, and other mounted and multi-type weapon attacks, which verified the pilot’s ability to use weapons comprehensively. It is reported that dozens of fighter planes were dispatched this time, launching thousands of aerial bombs, rockets, etc., to enhance the pilot’s ability to assault and use weapons at sea targets.

Regarding this exercise, military expert Song Zhongping analyzed and pointed out that this exercise is a single service unit to exercise hard work and strengthen its quality. Only when all services and arms have developed a strong ability can they give full play to their respective advantages in future joint operations. The targets of PLA exercises are hard-headed enemies and hard-boned enemies. Large-scale activities conducted in this state will help temper the PLA’s ability to win military conflicts under the conditions of modern warfare.

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