The British twin aircraft carriers are in the same frame. Is it a big show of muscles or a fancy shame?

The British Royal Navy’s most potent battleship-the “Queen Elizabeth” class aircraft carrier “Elizabeth” and the “Prince of Wales” met in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the first time the British Navy has sailed on the ocean with dual aircraft carriers since the Elizabethan aircraft carrier entered service. This late scene excited the British. The British Navy Aircraft Carrier Strike Group commander triumphantly said: “Building an aircraft carrier is a manifestation of national ambition, but building two aircraft carriers and deploying them simultaneously is a serious matter. The embodiment of the will of the country. This means that the British Navy can deploy aircraft carriers to carry out operations continuously. In the face of global affairs, we can keep an aircraft carrier on standby at any time.” He added: “Only a handful of countries in the world now have it. With this capability, the British Navy has returned to the first echelon of the world’s maritime power.”

The speech of the British naval commander made the British government proud. Ben Wallace also actively praised the second aircraft carrier rendezvous, saying that the establishment of the British maritime carrier strike group is a great symbol of the active cooperation between the British armed forces and the defense industry. With this strong bond, the British Navy can become A powerful tool to promote British values ​​and expand international influence. Of course, in many people’s eyes, the speech of Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace has a bit of gold on his face. This makes people think of General Liu Yazhou’s famous saying-“Successfully has a hundred dads.” This sentence can be said to be shocking and deaf. It can’t be more appropriate to describe Ben Wallace. Of course, General Liu Yazhou has the second half of the sentence “and failure is an orphan.” Reminiscent of the decline of the British Navy, it is related to the United Kingdom. The government’s national defense policy is not unrelated. After the end of World War II, successive British governments have continued to slim down the Navy. First, they cut off the Navy’s conventional takeoff and landing aircraft carriers and then allocated funds to the Navy to build small anti-submarine escort aircraft carriers, even for some time in the United Kingdom. The Navy has no aircraft carrier available, and it was not until 2017 that the USS Elizabeth was in service, ending the dilemma of no aircraft carrier available. Of course, as to who will bear the responsibility for the continuous decline of the Royal Navy, this British government will indeed not recite and will not be the father of the loser.

The twin aircraft carriers in the same frame also made the British media excited. While praising how strong their country’s Navy is, they also did not forget to run on their long-term ally, the French Navy. The British media posted a picture of the French “Charles de Gaulle” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier sailing side by side with two British aircraft carriers on social media. In the image, the “Charles de Gaulle” aircraft carrier with a total displacement of 42,000 tons is like a little brother compared with two British aircraft carriers. Both the flight deck and the carrier aircraft are one size smaller than the British aircraft carrier. Many netizens are outraged. Pointing out that this is a PS picture, the British are “humiliating the law” again. In contrast, British netizens have a profound explanation, “This picture does not look natural because the Charles de Gaulle is smaller than the picture. ”

This reflects that although Britain and France are allies, they have similar populations and neighboring geographical locations. The two countries both use and guard against each other. However, the United Kingdom has more advantages in general because the British are very good at pitting allies in history. During the Dunkirk retreat, the British let the French army resist the German attack on the front line and rescued the 380,000 expeditionary troops. After France surrendered, the British planned “Operation Ballista” to prevent French naval warships from falling into the hands of Nazi Germany and attacked the French maritime fleet that had once fought side by side.

This behavior of the British Navy is similar to that of the Japanese Warring States Period by Aichi Mitsuhide, who initiated the “Innoji Change.” With the opportunity of mobilizing the army, Aichi Mitsuhide led his troops to Kyoto, Japan, and announced to his men that “the enemy is in the Inno Temple!” The soldiers quickly attacked weaving. Tian Nobunaga’s residence, Inno-Ji Temple, wiped out Oda Nobunaga and his heirs, which meant to cut the roots. In 1940, the British Navy’s “H” fleet operated in the port of Oran in French Algeria in the same way. The battleship “Lasburg” escaped from the port due to preparations. The rest of the French navy ships were either sunk or wounded, and all lost their combat effectiveness. Perhaps the French Navy didn’t talk about this incident, but in fact, it kept it in mind!

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