Is the goal-directed at the PLA aircraft carrier? Taiwan media exposed fierce news that the Taiwan army had a big move with the U.S. Army in the early morning.

According to Taiwan media sources quoted by the World Wide Web, at 0:57 am on May 25th, four F-16As departed from Hualien Air Force Base and flew low-key to the United States to perform alternative training missions. It is reported that the paints of these four F-16A fighters flying to the United States were deliberately obliterated, and they secretly chose to take off in the early hours of the morning, giving the outside world a lot of imagination.

Taiwan media reported that these fighters belong to Taiwan’s 21st Squadron for personnel training at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, USA, as the performance of F-16 soldiers has been comprehensively improved, including 10 in the United States, Taiwan’s military plans. Every time a few planes fly back from the United States, they will send the same number of upgraded F-16Vs to the United States. Each batch of about 2 to 3 jets will fly from the Chiayi base to the United States. This is a rare long-range flight training. A “breakthrough” in the field of Taiwan-US military cooperation.

Taiwan’s “United Daily News” analyzed that there are secrets of the Taiwan Air Force behind this mysterious long-range flight. To simulate the fight against the PLA carrier battle group, the Taiwan Air Force’s F-16 fleet is working with the U.S. Navy carrier aircraft. The troops launched confrontational drills. Mei Fuxing, director of the Taiwan Strait Security Research Center in the United States, also disclosed that the 21st Squadron of the Taiwan Air Force in the United States would relocate from Luke Air Force Base in the United States to Tucson Air Force Base 200 kilometers away this year, which is closer to the sea.

It is reported that in response to the so-called “emerging threats” of the PLA aircraft carriers and carrier-based aircraft, the Taiwan military has requested the United States to preferentially choose bases near the sea when the training base is relocated, to coordinate flight training exchanges with the U.S. Navy. . Including simulated confrontation exercises with US F/A-18 carrier fighters to improve sea combat training. In addition, the Taiwan Air Force also recommends choosing an airbase that can cooperate with large fighter aircraft or electronic warfare capabilities to increase the experience of Taiwan Air Force scenario simulation.

In response to the U.S.-Taiwan military cooperation, the Ministry of National Defense Ren Guoqiangqiang once clearly stated that the U.S. and the DPP authorities have stepped up their collaboration and frequently caused incidents. Whether it is Taiwan’s control of China or foreigners’ self-respect, this is wishful thinking. It is destined to be a dead end. People who play with fire will burn themselves. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has a firm will, complete confidence, and sufficient ability to thwart all external interference and separatist acts of “Taiwan independence”and firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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