The “crash landing” incident continued to ferment, Lukashenko Sochi met Putin: he brought documents that could prove the actual situation.

The Belarusian “crash landing” incident continued to ferment. Against the background that Western countries have exerted tremendous pressure on Belarus one after another, Belarusian President Lukashenko held talks with Russian President Putin in Sochi on the 28th. Russian media believe that the theme of the negotiations will be the recent increasing tensions between the West and Belarus. In this context, Belarus hopes to receive support from Russia.

According to a report on the 28th of the ITAR-Tass News Agency, Lukashenko said when meeting Putin that his enemies were trying to push the situation in Belarus back to the level of August last year. Lukashenko also complained that European countries had banned their airlines from flying over Belarusian airspace. He said that he brought Putin with documents that could prove the actual situation in Belarus. Speaking of European flights flying around Belarus, Putin said it was a catharsis. In 2013, the United States, in pursuit of Snowden, forced the then Bolivian President Morales’ particular plane to land in Austria. However, there was “silence” in the West at that time. Russian “Izvestia” said that before going to Sochi on the 28th, Lukashenko said that when he met Putin later in the day, he would discuss the air traffic between the two countries that were interrupted the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The current epidemic situation in Belarus remains stable. Therefore, the resumption of air traffic will not have a significant impact on epidemic prevention. Monoilo, an expert at Moscow State University, said that the previous talks between the Russian and Belarusian presidents usually focused on developing economic cooperation between the two countries. The background of this meeting is that the European Union may impose sanctions on Belarusian commodity exports, which will cause considerable losses to Belarus. Therefore, Lukashenko will hope to get Putin’s help during the meeting, and it does not rule out that Lukashenko will raise the issue of additional financial support from Russia. In addition, the Russian and American presidents are about to hold talks. Lukashenko hopes that Putin can defend the interests of Russia and Belarus in the Russian-American negotiations.

The Kremlin Information Bureau announced on the 27th that Putin’s talks with Lukashenko included hot issues in the continued development of bilateral relations and joint projects in the fields of economy, trade, energy, and humanities Russia and Belarus within the framework of the alliance countries. Promote integration, etc.

According to a report by Agence France-Presse on the 28th, following the appeal of the United Kingdom and the United States and other Western countries, the United Nations specialized agency International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said on the 27th that it would launch a fact-finding investigation on the matter to find out whether Russia violated international aviation regulations. An anonymous person familiar with the matter told Reuters that the Whiteside reiterated at the ICAO Council meeting on the 27th that the White government did not force the passenger plane to land in Minsk. The pilot could have landed the aircraft in Lithuania. According to Irish Transport Minister Ryan, ICAO will produce an interim report before June 25.

The EU reacted strongly to the “forced landing” incident. The foreign ministers of the 27 EU member states discussed further sanctions against Belarus in the Portuguese capital Lisbon on the 27th. German Foreign Minister Maas said before attending the meeting: “It is obvious that we will not be satisfied with small sanctions but intend to sanction Belarus’s economic system and financial transactions severely.”

According to RIA Novosti, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin, who is visiting Belarus, stated in the capital Minsk on the 27th that Russia opposes unilateral sanctions and coercive actions against Belarus on the international stage. Mishustin made the above statement when meeting with Belarusian Prime Minister Golovchenko. Mishustin said that Russia called not to politicize the emergency landing of a passenger plane a few days ago. Russia supports White’s position that the aviation sector must conduct a transparent international investigation. The attitude of the European Union has also aroused the vigilance of the Commonwealth of the Independent States where Belarus is located. The chairman of the executive committee of the organization Sergey Lebedev said on the 27th that in the face of Western sanctions, the Commonwealth of Independent States must strengthen cooperation.

After the “forced landing” incident, the European Union has called on member countries’ flights to bypass Belarusian airspace. It prohibits Belarusian aircraft from passing through EU airspace or using EU airports. In this context, Belarusian Airlines announced on the 27th that it would suspend flights to and from 12 European cities, including Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Berlin, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Rome, Italy, Vienna, Austria, and Warsaw, Poland, before October 30.

As of the 28th, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, and Estonia have imposed bans on flights to Belarus. The Ukrainian government has also decided to close its airspace to Belarusian aircraft starting on the 29th. According to the flight-tracking website Flightradar24, except for flights between Belarus and Russia, there were few international flights in the white-air space on the 28th.

According to a report by ITAR on the 28th, as some European airlines changed their routes to bypass Belarus, Russia expressed support for its neighboring countries. Since the 26th, it has successively refused Air France and Austrian Airlines flights to Moscow to bypass Belarus. The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency issued a statement on the 28th, prompting airlines to change their route plans to prepare in advance. The report said that if the airline changes the previously approved route to and from Europe through Russian airspace, it should allow more time for the Russian approval process. The increase in review time is related to the rise in the total number of airlines changing routes.

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