Taiwanese cases have surged! Tsai Ing-wen finally expressed his stance, Ke Wenzhe angrily scolded: will suffer heavy casualties!

Recently, the epidemic in Taiwan has continued to heat up, and the number of local cases on the island has increased sharply. The shortage of vaccines has become more and more serious. The DPP authorities have not only failed to produce enough vaccines but also tried to discredit the mainland, not only calling the goodwill released by the continent “false kindness” “And slandered the mainland for engaging in the so-called “cognitive warfare.” On the other hand, the DPP authorities also claimed that the Taiwan-made vaccine could be vaccinated around July and August. Still, the vaccine has not even been conducted in Phase III clinical trials. This has caused widespread suspicion on the island that this is nothing more than the DPP. The “big internal propaganda” of the authorities.

Given the current epidemic situation in Taiwan and the people’s expectations on the island for vaccines, Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwan region and chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, spoke again. According to reports from Taiwan media quoted by the World Wide Web, on May 26, the DPP held a video “Central Regular Meeting.” Spokesperson Xie Peifen relayed Tsai Ing-wen’s speech after the meeting, saying, “Several vaccines globally, including AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom, and AstraZeneca in the United States. Modena in Germany and BNT in Germany, the authorities are actively engaged in the procurement, and they have also successfully ordered the two vaccines from the United States and the United States. However, for BNT in Germany, the authorities and the German original factory were almost about to complete the contract because of the “mainland” Intervene’, you can’t sign a contract until now.”

Regarding Tsai Ing-wen’s “dumping” of the mainland’s remarks, some Taiwanese netizens said: “When will the mainland intervene? There is no proof. Tsai Ing-wen should present the evidence.” Another careful netizen asked Tsai Ing-wen: “Clarify clearly. Why should we bypass the agent and negotiate with the original German factory? Does this conform to the principles and ethics of doing business? Does the original German factory have a contract with the agent? Will selling Taiwan and bypassing the agent violate the defendant and commercial breach of trust? “Some netizens said: “BNT has a general agent, and the DPP authorities insisted on intervening. Of course, they were intervened. The causal relationship was messed up. They just didn’t let Shanghai BNT in, right?”

In addition, the mayor of Taipei, Ke Wenzhe, also rebuked that if he is forced to fail and cannot wait for the vaccine, Taipei City has no choice but to “make a living independently.” If you have to wait until August to get the vaccine, and Taiwan produces its vaccine, it is equivalent to betting luck on an unknowable expectation. If you want to survive until August, you will suffer “serious deaths and injuries.” Ke Wenzhe said that authorities and officials said that the vaccine would come before this, but the critical point was when the vaccine would come. Only when there is an answer can we be fully prepared.

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