The suspect in the French assault on the police has been included in the police warning list to prevent esterification.

On the 28th local time, French Interior Minister Dalmanin confirmed that the suspect in the assault on the police that occurred that day had received the attention of the police because of signs of extremism. Dalman also stated that the suspect also intended to attack the local military police after robbing police firearms.

According to French media reports, the suspect named Ndiaga Dieye (Ndiaga Dieye), 40 years old this year, was arrested after fighting with the police. Still, due to severe injuries, he has died. The suspect was imprisoned in 2013. In 2016, his name appeared on the French police’s “Warning List for the Prevention of Extremism of Terrorism.” In March 2021, after he was released from prison, he has also been monitored by the police department.

At present, neither the police nor the gendarmerie who was attacked is in danger of life. But the French police have not yet characterized the incident.

The police attack took place in the city of La Chapelle-Sur-Erdre in the northern part of Nantes. At 10 o’clock on May 28, local time, the suspect entered the local police station and attacked a policeman with a knife, causing the policeman to be seriously injured. . The suspect took the police weapon and left on foot. The French police and gendarmerie dispatched more than 240 people to search.

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