U.S. and Taiwan military emergency preparations? The beautiful, mysterious ship appeared in the Taiwan Strait, and the islanders shouted: I want to reunify

Forefoot are four Taiwanese F-16 fighter jets smearing their fuselage logos at night when the wind is high and flying “mysteriously” to the U.S. Air Force base. On the back foot, there is this mysterious American multi-purpose ship named “Grand Canyon 2”. Support ships haunted the Taiwan Strait area.

According to a report from the World Wide Web on May 25, on May 18, a multi-purpose support ship named “Grand Canyon 2” from Helix of the United States departed from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and entered the Taiwan Strait for activities. In the past two months, the ship’s track was strange, and it has called many ports in Guam, Yokosuka, Nagasaki, Kaohsiung, and Taiwan. Although this ship is a civilian ship, it is actually under the management of the U.S. military, so its whereabouts have attracted greater attention.

It is reported that this ship once participated in the lifting of the crashed MH-60S helicopter mission of the U.S. Navy. The current activities in Taiwan are unknown. We are not sure about the nature of the incident. However, such bold behavior by the U.S. military is also a kind of attitude towards the mainland. High-risk temptation, therefore, the continent can not let it act recklessly. The U.S. support ship can dock at Kaohsiung, and our navy should also “walk-around”; otherwise, if they are too comfortable, they will continue to make trouble for you. There are two general purposes of the U.S. Navy’s operations. One is to replace the U.S. military in covertly performing special missions, and the other is to avoid the surveillance of the People’s Liberation Army ships. Once discovered, it can be used for different reasons to confuse us and disgust us. And this incident shows that the Americans are not idle at all in the Taiwan Strait, making various preparations and constantly spying on the movements of the People’s Liberation Army.

Before this, a report on May 16 in the “United Daily News” entitled “Drinking bottled milk was complained by Brother A soldier, and the U.S. Army’s Anhe Brigade came to Taiwan to a station in Hukou and exposed the light,” which caused a heated discussion among mainland netizens. Lu Chaocai, commander-in-chief of Bacai Headquarters, believes that if the news of the U.S. military’s entry into Taiwan is accurate, it may cause a crisis in the Taiwan Strait. He must protest whatever he says. Therefore, the “National Headquarters for Vegetable Dispatch” restricted five people from holding protest boards and ran to the Hukou camp to express their protest. They said that cross-strait affairs are China’s internal affairs, and the United States has no right to interfere. The U.S. military should immediately get out of Taiwan, and the protesters stay in the camp. The outgoing slogan: “American soldiers, get out of Taiwan”, “I want reunification, no war.”

In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense Tan Kefei said that the United States must recognize the situation, stop provocations, and do more things that are conducive to regional peace and stability. Otherwise, the Chinese military will take all necessary measures to respond to all threats and provocations and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territory. Complete.

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