Social Commentary: U.S. Super Military Expenditure Forms a Large Inefficient Bubble

U.S. President Biden is scheduled to submit the 2022 federal budget to Congress on Friday, U.S. time. The media disclosed in advance that out of this 6 trillion U.S. dollar budget, 753 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on defense spending, an increase of 1.7% over the previous year. . The defense budget will make a lot of investment in the United States’ triad of strategic nuclear forces, and support for the “Pacific Deterrence Program” is of particular concern.

This is the largest national annual budget in the world, including the most alarming national defense expenditure. It is worth mentioning that the Democratic government’s 1.7% increase in the defense budget was considered by many Republicans as “too little”. The U.S. defense budget is still about four times that of China, which is the sum of the defense budgets of about 15 countries behind it. However, there is still such a domestic response. It is conceivable how distorted and deformed the United States’ overall national security concept is.

What the United States wants is “absolute security.” One of its meanings is that it can overwhelm the will of other major powers at critical moments in response to key issues with its overwhelming advantage. But this is a completely unrealistic goal. Therefore, the United States still feels anxious despite the fact that its defense budget is far ahead. It always feels that military spending should be more and more.

The US national defense actually surpassed the traditional military field, pursuing the overflow of various functions of maintaining the country’s global hegemony. The U.S. economy is increasingly relying on the support of the U.S. dollar hegemony and the U.S. political and ideological dominance in the world, and its super military power is used to make up for the weakening of the U.S.’s actual competitiveness in these systems.

The technological leadership and economic advantages of the United States in the past were absolute, but now their superiority is shrinking. How to maintain the advanced nature of those fields, this project is very complicated. But raising military spending is simple and bold, so the United States as a system unrestrainedly deforms itself.

However, this is destined to be very inefficient, and it will cause fundamental troubles to the healthy functioning of the international community and disrupt people’s traditional common sense of national security. Originally, the United States is definitely the most secure country in the world, but it always feels that its own security challenges are the most. Other countries only need to have more capabilities, although they are still not strong, and have no willingness to actively fight against it. The sense of being threatened” came to life spontaneously.

With Washington’s perverted greed for national security, the psychological impact of the rise of China on them is destined to be subversive. China increases its military expenditure by one dollar, and they need to increase a few dollars to keep the gap between the two countries in the past. They don’t want to engage in any more infrastructure or expand the welfare of the people, and it is not enough to put other budgetary additions into the defense budget. That is an ambition that is impossible to fulfill.

China will not be in an arms race with the United States. The increase in China’s defense budget and military strength are the natural result of economic expansion and technological advancement. Everything is a matter of course without Beijing making difficult choices. We have no idea of ​​going to the world to challenge the United States, but we will never allow the United States to act arbitrarily in the Western Pacific, especially in the coastal waters of China, to harm China’s interests. Our determination is also unwavering. China’s development and increasing defense spending will be sufficient to support this will.

China will not seek to build a nuclear arsenal as large as the United States, but our nuclear power building will certainly continue to advance and consolidate sufficient and effective nuclear deterrence, especially deterrence against the United States. We are convinced that we can achieve this more easily and realistically than the US wants to intimidate China by further strengthening nuclear power.

The US defense budget of more than 700 billion US dollars supports a super show, which is shown to itself and its allies, and is used to coerce ordinary countries, but it is only useless for big countries like China and Russia. Even if the United States doubles its defense budget, it will not be able to form its imaginary strategic repressive power against China and Russia. The ability of China and Russia to resolutely resist the United States in terms of core interests will only become more abundant.

The big bubble of U.S. military spending will eventually burst. It will never produce a universal substitute for the decline in other U.S. competitiveness. Time will prove it

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