The U.S. Senate failed to establish an independent committee to investigate the Congressional riots bill.

Lianhe Zaobao reported on May 29 that the U.S. Senate voted on the establishment of an independent committee to investigate Congressional riots on Friday (28th) but failed to pass the vote.

In the voting on that day, 54 votes were in favor, and 35 votes were against. The affirmative votes did not reach 60 votes, and the bill failed to pass. It is worth mentioning that 6 Republicans joined the Democratic camp and voted in favor, while 9 Republicans and two Democrats did not vote on the day.

The bill aims to establish an independent committee to investigate the violent attack on Congress on January 6 and submit an investigation report before the end of this year, giving suggestions on strengthening Congress’ security to prevent similar incidents from happening again. The bill had previously been voted through in the House of Representatives.

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