Russian media: abandoning sanctions, Biden “grits his teeth”, the American public is angry and panicked.

On May 25, the Russian Free Media Network published the title “Is Biden Ours?” “The article stated that the United States gave up sanctions and gave up. This is not to turn to Russia but to acknowledge the fact of losing in the big game. The author is Sergei Plotnikov. The full text is excerpted as follows:

The American public was both angry and panicked. U.S. President Joe Biden quickly turned from a Russian hater to a pro-Russian and American hater in front of surprised voters. Biden’s unexpected move was to abandon sanctions on the Swiss company that laid the second line of the North Stream Natural Gas Pipeline (“North Stream-2”) and its chief executive Matthias Wallich.

The Biden administration’s explanation for this is that the Germans’ steadfastness is astonishing, as they bravely defended German interests as they did at Omaha Beach in July 1944. However, the draw this time is not political but commercial.

The United States decided not to let “Beixi-2” dilute its partnership with Germany. After all, the blockade of the almost completed Russian pipeline will hit German natural gas consumers. German friends at that time might doubt Biden’s goodwill. Biden also froze the withdrawal of troops (from Germany) that began in the Trump era to avoid suspicion. In general, “Beixi-2” is expected to be completed this summer.

IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR, the U.S. Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides for countermeasures against legal persons and individuals participating in the construction of the “Beixi-2”. In addition, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken threatened to impose severe sanctions on Russia in March to ensure the burial of the natural gas pipeline. Suddenly, the direction reversed, and the sanctions were relaxed. How did that happen?

It turned out that this was because Biden “fought Putin” and “colluded with Russia”-some Americans now think so. Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said that the Biden administration is the most pro-Russian government in the entire modern history of the United States, and the conflict with Donald Trump is just a blindfold. The Russians “wooed” Biden in the election and staged a cunning masquerade with Trump to fool the American public.

Now, Biden disregards U.S. laws to help Russia build a natural gas pipeline. In other words, what he did was precisely what Trump was tarnished, discredited, and dragged out of the Oval Office. You know, once the “Beixi-2” project is launched, it will be a substantial geopolitical victory for Putin.

Konstantin Blokhin, a political scholar at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, commented that “Beixi-2” would cause severe losses to the economic interests of the United States in Europe. Americans have to say goodbye to the dream of monopolizing the supply of shale gas and oil and gas in Europe. There are also losses on the political side: the plan to establish a “blockade zone” along the Russian border with the help of satellite states has been declared bankrupt. “Beixi-2” penetrated the blockade like a needle.

The United States waived sanctions and gave up. This is not to turn to Russia but to acknowledge the fact of losing in the big game. The reality is that the Americans cannot physically prevent the pipeline from being completed. Now, “Beixi-2” has completed 95%, and the Germans have invested 50 billion euros in the project. This is a lot of money. The threat of imposing the most terrible sanctions cannot force Germany to rot so much money on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Biden is now trying to save face to avoid conflict to “approve” things that do not require his approval. On the other hand, through this symbolic concession, Biden showed that he followed his announced political plan: to develop closer and more courteous cooperation with NATO allies in Europe.

Therefore, Biden’s “Great Friendship Turn” is more towards Germany than Russia. The Americans will continue to harm the Russians: such as restricting the supply of natural gas and so on.

Blokhin said that it should be understood that the decision to “exempt” the “Beixi-2” was made by the United States collectively. Biden himself may not be involved. Biden’s role in the government is a lightning rod to withstand critics’ “lightning strikes.” He is neither anti-Russian nor pro-Russian.

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