The U.S. hype a new round of “virus traceability” netizens: this is the “witch hunt”!


The number of confirmed and dead cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 33 million and 590,000, respectively, ranking first globally. The United States does not reflect profoundly but instead attempts to use intelligence forces to conduct so-called investigations to dump China. Such an approach has been severely criticized by public opinion.

Some netizens said: “WHO has been to China and has also written a research report. Of course, most of us know that the United States has its own set of rhetoric about the new crown. Any discovery that does not conform to this set of rhetoric, the United States will accept it.”

“The U.S. move is based on geopolitical witch hunts (that is, political persecution), nothing else!”

Some netizens bluntly said that before hyping a new round of “virus traceability” investigations in the United States, it is best to find out what is behind the “e-cigarette disease” that broke out in many places in the United States in 2019.

“After checking the tissue samples of the 2019 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed to be a lung infection caused by e-cigarette smoking, you will find the origin of the new coronavirus.

“Is such a large number of lung infections just because of e-cigarette smoking? You know that this happened only in the United States, and it didn’t happen anywhere else, and it started in 2019. Anyone who understands knows that the United States must be in the United States. What to cover up.”

Some netizens questioned that the black history of the U.S. intelligence services has long been known to the world. The history of using a small bottle of washing powder as evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction is still vivid. In recent days, the United States has attempted to use intelligence forces to conduct so-called “tracking investigations,” and its motive and purpose are clear at a glance.

“It is inappropriate for intelligence agencies to trace the virus source because this is a medical and scientific issue, so all they (Americans) want to do is fabricate the data they want. It’s sad!”

“Considering that their less glorious history caused countless lives in the Iraq War, it is possible (the U.S. intelligence agencies once again fabricated the facts).”

According to reports, in the early days of his coming to power, Biden once halted the top-secret investigation into the source of the new crown virus during Trump’s time. Now, why has the Biden administration started to hype the topic of “coronavirus traceability” again? Some analysts pointed out: There is a clear political purpose behind this.

American political analyst Perkins: (The Biden administration) needs (issues) to influence China.

Georgetown University Professor Kavanagh: If the United States can destroy China’s reputation globally, the U.S. government will find ways to do so.

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