Biden ordered the determination of the origin of the new crown within 90 days. The Chinese criticized “the United States does not care about the facts and the truth at all.”

Reference News Network reported on May 28. According to the U.S. “Washington Post” website written on May 27, U.S. President Biden said on May 26 that he had asked the intelligence community to redouble their efforts to determine that the new crown virus originated from humans and was infected. Animal contact still originated from a Chinese laboratory.

Biden said in a statement that he has requested to receive a report within 90 days and hopes that intelligence agencies “collect and analyze information that will bring us closer to a clear conclusion.”

Biden said in a statement that a report he received in April stated that intelligence agencies had set their sights on “two possible situations”, but had not yet determined whether the virus originated from human-animal contact or The laboratory accident reached a clear conclusion.

Biden quoted the report as saying: “Two members (in the intelligence community) tend to prefer the former situation, and one member prefers the latter situation-their degree of certainty is low or medium, but most Members believe that there is not enough information to judge that one situation is more likely than another.”

According to a report on the Hong Kong Economic Journal’s website on May 27, regarding U.S. President Biden’s request for further investigation into the origin of the new crown virus, including the possibility of a leak in a Chinese laboratory, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded that the U.S. does not care about the facts and the truth. I am not interested in severe scientific tracing but want to use the epidemic to engage in stigmatization, political manipulation, and blame. This is disrespect for science, irresponsibility for people’s lives, and even more for the global fight against the epidemic. Destruction.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out that the “Chinese laboratory leak theory” is an improbable conclusion, and it has been recorded in the research report of the WHO Joint Investigation Group. The international experts of the Joint Investigation Group have repeatedly commented on China on different occasions. Open and transparent attitudes give positive comments; however, some people in the United States completely ignore facts and science, completely ignore the many doubts of their traceability and the painful points of failure in the fight against the epidemic, and repeatedly clamor for reinvestigation of China.

He said that the United States keeps saying that China needs to participate in comprehensive, transparent, and evidence-based international investigations. Then the United States is invited to, like China, and scientifically, immediately launch joint traceability research cooperation with the World Health Organization to research the United States. Comprehensive, transparent, evidence-based international investigations.

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