Biden promotes an economic plan in Ohio. The first step: buy an ice cream

On the 27th local time, U.S. President Biden went to Cleveland, Ohio, to deliver a speech on economic recovery at Yahooga Community College. Biden said that the U.S. economy was returning to the right track and called on Congress to increase investment mainly in infrastructure and education to keep the U.S. competitive globally.

Biden said: “In general, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia has decreased, the number of new coronary pneumonia deaths has decreased, the number of unemployment applications has decreased, and the number of hungry people has decreased; the vaccination rate has risen, the employment rate has risen, and the economy has grown. The number of people with medical insurance has increased, and the confidence of small businesses has increased. Simply put, the United States is recovering, and the United States is moving forward.”

Although Biden said that the U.S. economy is getting back on track and his economic policies are working, he insists that more needs be done. He urged the public to support their financial plans to help the United States remain competitive and “win the 21st century.”

Biden loves ice cream, and after the speech, he took the time to go to an ice cream shop. He bought two ice creams and shared one of them with a supporter present. In January of this year, White House spokesperson Psaki revealed in response to a question from a netizen that Biden’s favorite flavor is chocolate.

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