Paulson: We should promote healthy competition between the United States and China as much as possible

On the 29th, Henry Paulson, the former U.S. Treasury Secretary and Chairman of the Paulson Foundation pointed out that we should promote healthy competition as much as possible while participating in the 2021 spring meeting of the International Financial Forum while avoiding unnecessary confrontation online. It is in the interests of the United States and China.

“The Sino-US relationship is still the most important bilateral relationship in the world.” He said that in the past, the flow of commodities, capital, workforce, technology, and data was mainly restricted by commercial factors, and security issues were handled correctly. Now, these factors must be evaluated from the perspective of national security.

He suggested that the two countries adopt a “directed reciprocity” approach, focusing on reciprocal rules, market access, and actions. It cannot be mechanically “conditioned”, but in a way that is in line with the interests of the enterprises and workers of the two countries. “In this way, Sino-US relations can be both competitive and coordinated, and they can also cooperate when it is in their interests.”

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