Remains of 215 Aboriginal children found at the site of a boarding school in Canada.

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, stated on May 28, local time, saying that an investigation of the site of a former Indian boarding school in the area revealed the remains of 215 children buried there.

Kamloops Secwepemc First Nations said in this statement that the remains had been confirmed. They hired a ground-based radar detection expert to carry out this work. The language and culture department of the tribe supervised this to ensure that related work can be carried out to respect its cultural customs. But the statement did not mention the name of the expert, the company he worked for, and when the work was completed.

△Photo of the old site of the boarding school in 1970△Photo of the senior area of the boarding school in 1970
Kamloops Sevipank First Nations chief Rossanne Casimir said in a statement, “As far as we know, these missing children are not registered as dead.” “Some children are only three years old. We seek a way to identify families who have lost these children with the deepest respect, and our tribe is the final resting place of these children.”

It is reported that the relevant expert report will be released next month.

The First Nations Public Health Bureau stated on the 27th that the incident has deeply affected the aboriginals of British Columbia and even the whole of Canada. “This phenomenon is regrettable but not surprising. It shows that the boarding school system has given the first place to the boarding school system. The destruction and long-term effects of a nation continue to exist, and their communities and families cannot avoid it.”

Kamloops Indian Boarding School began operation in 1890 and was closed until 1969. The school registered more than 500 students, all natives of the province and nearby provinces.

△Current information photo of the boarding school △Current information photo of the boarding school

The Indian boarding school system is one of the dark histories of the Canadian government’s genocide of the aboriginal people. At that time, the Canadian government snatched 150,000 children from the aboriginal homes and sent them to this kind of boarding school, forcing them to receive so-called white education but not allowing them to meet with their parents and family members. This kind of boarding school system resulted in the death of a large number of children. Many children were sexually assaulted and abused by white teachers. Those who survived cannot forget the pain of childhood.

The Canadian Reconciliation and Truth Commission estimated that 4,100 Aboriginal children died in boarding schools based on death records, and the actual number is much higher than this. Take this boarding school as an example. The number of dead children registered in the school is 50, but only this time as many as 215 were found, and none were registered as dead.

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