The 4th CIIE “Cloud Recruitment” Enters the Middle East.

Economic Daily from Abu Dhabi (Reporter Wang Junpeng) On May 24, the 4th China International Import Expo online promotion conference in the Middle East was successfully held. The promotion was jointly organized by the China International Import Expo Bureau, National Convention, Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Representatives from the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Chinese Embassies in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Dubai Export Bureau, Abu Dhabi Khali The person in charge of the French Industrial Park attended and delivered a speech. Nearly 150 Middle Eastern governments and enterprises from Dubai Customs, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Qatar Free Trade Zone, etc., participated online.

The “Silk Road” and “Spice Road” are a powerful testament to the long history of trade exchanges between Middle Eastern countries and China. In recent years, under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the trade volume between Middle Eastern countries and China has increased. The structure of Middle Eastern countries’ trade with China has become increasingly diversified. Ning Feng, vice president of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), positively commented on the importance and participation of enterprises from Middle Eastern countries in the CIIE. He said that more than 430 companies from nearly 20 Middle Eastern countries would participate in the first three cities. Chinese consumers welcome date palms from the UAE, castile soap from Lebanon, camel jewelry from Saudi Arabia, and gold thread embroidery from Qatar.
We look forward to more Middle Eastern companies bringing their most distinctive products to the CIIE, and further development will have a considerable impact. The potential Chinese market, sharing the opportunities of China’s economic growth.

Xie Qinsheng, Minister Counselor of Economics and Commerce of the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, said that the Middle East countries have great potential for export to China in the future. He hopes to work together with friends from the governments and business communities of the Middle East to make full use of the vast platform built by the International Import Expo, a global trade event. , To promote the export of commodities from Middle East countries to China, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to the rapid recovery of the economies of the Middle East countries. Wang Weijing, deputy general manager of the International Business Department of ICBC, said that as an official partner of the CIIE, ICBC has successfully organized several supporting activities such as the China-Europe Entrepreneur Conference and Financial Cooperation Forum in the past two years, with fruitful results and extensive influence. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China will continue to play its role as a bridge and use the CIIE platform to hold more exciting activities to help China and the Middle East region cooperate in economic and trade and seek joint development.

Today, the CIIE has become one of the best channels for export companies in the Middle East to enter the Chinese market. As a government agency in Dubai, the Dubai Export Bureau highly appreciates the vital platform role of CIIE and hopes that exporters in Dubai and the Middle East will actively explore the Chinese market and promote economic and trade cooperation between the Middle East and China.

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