The Russian side temporarily inspected a Japanese fishing boat, and 14 crew members were taken away.

Overseas Network, May 28. According to NHK TV, Hokkaido’s Wakkanai City and the local fisheries association stated that during the day on the 28th, a Japanese fishing vessel operating in the waters of Wakkanai City was temporarily inspected by the Russian Security Department. Fourteen crew members on board were checked. The Russian side took it away.

This Japanese fishing boat, “72nd Eibao Maru,” belongs to the Wakkanai Aircraft Fisheries Association and is a trawler. There are 14 crew members on board. The local fisheries association stated that the incident was located in the Japanese waters when the fishing boats were fishing. The Japan Maritime Security Headquarters is urgently conducting detailed investigations.

The Russian Consulate General in Sapporo, Japan, currently responded that it received a notice on the 28th that the relevant Russian authorities did conduct temporary inspections of Japanese fishing boats in the waters of Wakkanai, but the details are temporarily unavailable.

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