To curb the spread of the second wave of the epidemic, Peru extends its national emergency by 30 days.

May 28. According to Peru’s “Gazette” report, on the 27th local time, the Peruvian government approved a supreme decree to extend the state of emergency by 30 natural days. The extension period will begin on June 1, 2021.

Peru’s Supreme Decree No. 105-2021-PCM stipulates that during a state of emergency, the exercise of constitutional rights related to personal freedom and safety, inviolability of the home, freedom of assembly, and freedom of movement within the country are restricted.

Similarly, the highest law stipulates a series of epidemic prevention and control restrictions, which will be implemented from June 1 according to each region’s epidemic risk alert level to curb the spread of the second wave of epidemics.

On the other hand, the South American Football Federation (Conmebol) announced on the 27th local time that the ten teams that will participate in the 2021 Copa America must be vaccinated against the new crown. In this regard, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte said that he received Peru A notice from the Football Federation (FPF) that requires members of the national team to be vaccinated.

However, Ugarte said that the Peruvian national team would not be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine purchased by the government.

The Peruvian national team is in Group B of America’s Cup and Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Their debut is scheduled for June 18.

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