Japan unilaterally advertises the “safety” of nuclear-contaminated water. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Not enough to convince the international community

According to CCTV news, on May 27, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked questions. According to reports, the Korean Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-Cheol made a speech at the World Health Assembly video conference on the 25th, urging the Japanese government and the international community to strictly verify the safety information of the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water discharge decision. Pakistani Senator Avenanullah Khan also recently condemned Japan’s unilateral decision to discharge contaminated nuclear water into the sea and urged Japan to withdraw its wrong decision. In addition, Pakistani fishers held demonstrations in Gwadar against the wrong decision made by the Japanese side. What is China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian said that the statements of South Korea and Pakistan once again proved that the so-called “security” unilaterally advertised by the Japanese side is not enough to convince the international community, and more countries are opposing the wrong decision of the Japanese side.

Zhao Lijian said that I would like to ask the Japanese side to answer a few questions: First, the Japanese side has consistently promoted the safety and reliability of its so-called disposal methods. Have stakeholders approved them? Second, TEPCO frequently exposes concealed false reports. In the scandal, how can the Japanese side guarantee the authenticity of the information and data unilaterally provided by TEPCO? Third, some Japanese politicians have openly advocated that the treated nuclear-contaminated water is “it’s okay if you drink it.” Why has he still dare not use it until now? Test the waters to prove its innocence? Fourth, when will Japan revoke its wrong decision in the face of widespread doubts at home and abroad?

Zhao Lijian said that the disposal of polluted water from the Fukushima nuclear accident is related to the safety of the global ecological environment and the lives and health of the people of all countries. It should seek the opinions of all stakeholders, especially the neighboring countries of Japan, and after full consultation, it should also be discussed in the United Nations and the world. Evaluation and discussion within the framework of the Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The International Atomic Energy Agency is currently preparing to establish a related technical working group and has confirmed that it will invite experts from China and South Korea to participate. China will fully support related work and push Japan to respond to the concerns of China and other stakeholders and the international community. Japan should earnestly show its sincerity, take responsibility, protect the environment on which all humanity depends, and refrain from doing things that harm the present and future generations.

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