Japanese media pays attention to the new job of the princess’s fiance about graduating from American colleges.

Kei Komuro, the fiance of the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the Japanese royal family Prince Fumihito Akashinomiya, recently graduated from Fordham University in the United States. His employment trend has attracted widespread attention from the Japanese media.

According to a Japanese media report on the 27th, most law students decided to find a job before graduation. Kei Komuro’s agent made it clear that “(he) currently has no plan to return to China,” indicating that the position should be “prominent” When the wedding was announced in 2017, Kei Komuro worked in a law firm with an annual salary of about 3 million to 4 million yen (about 170,000 to 230,000 yuan), which was even lower than the average Japanese income. . The outside world was once worried that Mako Princess would lose her tasteful life if she “married.”

In 2018, Kei Komuro suddenly went to the United States to study “gold-plated” Prince Wenren, and his wife was “stunned” by the fact that the man whose baby daughter was about to marry quit his job and become a student again. Prince Moonren and his wife believed that Kei Komuro went to the United States to escape the financial disputes his mother had fallen into. They had hoped that the “marriage contract would be annulled.” However, Kei Komuro disappointed his future parents-in-law—not only did he not plan to give up marrying the princess, but instead wanted to clear the final obstacle to this marriage.

According to reports, Prince Funren made two conditions to Kei Komuro at the beginning: first, to resolve the financial dispute, which he issued a detailed statement on in April; second, to have a stable economic foundation. If Kei Komuro finds a decent job, it means that both conditions are met. It is reported that Kei Komuro is about to obtain a New York State lawyer qualification certificate, and the state lawyers are in a state of saturation. The annual salary of the inaugural law firm is about 5 million to 6 million yen. This is barely enough for one person in New York, where prices are high.

The report quoted relevant sources from the royal family saying that Kei Komuro’s goal to go to the United States was not for his lawyer’s qualifications but a job in an international organization. The headquarters of the United Nations Nature Fund, United Nations Children’s Fund, International Monetary Fund, and other institutions are all in New York, which is why Komuro Kei chose New York as a destination for studying abroad. According to the report, assuming Kei Komuro can work in the United Nations, he will receive a generous salary of about 10 million yen in the first year. After having children, each child will receive an additional childcare allowance of about 320,000 yen. Moreover, international organizations do not have to pay taxes, and this income is enough for him and Makoto to lead a decent life.

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