The United States “rewarded” Putin?

According to Daquan, Biden and Putin will hold a US-Russian summit in June, which raises questions about the wisdom of this meeting.

Republican Senator Ben Sass said that the United States should not “reward” Putin through such a high-level meeting.

According to the report, the Nebraska senator said, “We let Putin value the second line of North Creek and use the summit to legalize his actions. This is very weak.”

When asked what message Biden’s meeting with Putin conveyed to his opponents, White House Press Secretary Psaki insisted that the summit was not a “reward” for Russia.

“This is how diplomacy works,” she said.

The report also said but some analysts believe that the upcoming summit in Geneva will be regarded as a victory for Moscow.

Andreus Tulsa, Central and Eastern Europe consultant of Tenio Intelligence, said: “Russian state-owned media will report on the publishing Meeting’ by emphasizing Russia’s status as a significant power and its indispensable role in responding to various global challenges. ”

The report quoted him as saying: “Although there are many disputes between Moscow and Washington, the Kremlin is likely to re-establish its claim that Russia is a constructive international role on the global stage, but the West often mistreats it. .”

However, Daragh McDowell, the chief Russian analyst at the British firm Vrieske-Maplecroft, said that the summit is beneficial to both parties. “Of course, Putin will have domestic political gains at the meeting. The conference will describe Russia as a powerful country comparable to that of the United States. However, the same interests will also be attributed to Biden, and he will stand apart from former President Trump. Compared.

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