China becomes the UK’s largest importer to teach anti-China politicians a lesson.

According to data released by the British National Bureau of Statistics on May 25, local time, in the first quarter of this year, China surpassed Germany for the first time to become the UK’s largest import market. After Brexit, the British government’s concept of globalization aims to reposition Britain’s role in the international community and find new global partners. But what is regrettable is that some British politicians and media have not focused on the right way to develop cooperation for some time. Instead, they have frequently made groundless accusations and malicious smears against China and pointed their fingers at China’s internal affairs, such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang. In this context, China’s becoming the UK’s largest import market can be said to have taught those British anti-China politicians a lesson-the British economy after Brexit cannot do without cooperation with China, and the true globalization of the United Kingdom cannot do without cooperation with China.

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