South Korean Foreign Minister denounces Japan for mislabeling disputed islands on map and will not tolerate wrongdoing.

According to Korean media reports, on the 28th, on the map of the Tokyo Olympic Games official website in Japan marking “Dokdo” (Japanese and South Korean disputed islands, the Japanese called “Takeshima”) as Japanese territory, South Korean Foreign Minister Zheng Yiyong said that he would do everything possible. Strong response measures.

On the same day, at the plenary meeting of the Foreign Affairs Unification Committee of the Korean National Assembly, Jeong Yi-long stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly protested to the Japanese side on this issue and emphasized that “any wrongdoing by the Japanese side regarding the’Dokdo’ will not be tolerated in the future.”

On August 31, 2020, local time, the Tokyo Olympic flame was publicly unveiled at the Olympic Museum in Japan. On August 31, 2020, local time, the Tokyo Olympic flame was publicly unveiled at the Olympic Museum in Japan.

According to previous reports, the torch relay map on the official website of the Tokyo Olympic Games is located above Shimane Prefecture, Japan, where the disputed islands are located between Japan and South Korea. A small dot is marked to make the place appear to be Japanese territory. The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately requested Japan to make changes. The Korean Sports Association of South Korea also sent a letter of protest to the Japanese Olympic Committee.

On the 26th, in response to a written inquiry, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated that the map is designed to mark the torch relay route, including isolated islands in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It simply shows the geographical situation of the room. However, Korean media pointed out that this reply advocated that the disputed island is a Japanese island and refused to make any amendments.

It is reported that Japan has communicated relevant policies to South Korea through diplomatic channels. Former South Korean Prime Minister Ding Shijun emphasized that if Japan insists not to delete the suitable labels, it should consider refusing to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

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