Facebook “face change”: no longer delete “new crown virus man-made” posts.

Recently, Fauci, a well-known American virology expert, delivered a speech saying that he was “not sure that the new crown pneumonia virus is of natural origin.” This sentence was immediately distorted and used by the US media and US intelligence agencies to target China again. It is worth noting that this time the western media have also changed their faces, once again igniting the issue of tracing the source of the new crown virus.

According to the website of “Political News,” a Facebook spokesperson said on the 26th local time: “Given the investigation of the origin of the new crown virus, we have negotiated with public health experts and decided that the new crown’ will no longer be deleted from the platform. Viruses are artificial’ content”, “We are continuing to work with health experts to keep up with the changing situation of the new crown pandemic and regularly update our policies based on new conditions.”

Facebook’s move means that it overturned its previous information policy. I don’t know if you still remember that Facebook updated its policy on dealing with false and misleading information about the new crown epidemic after discussions with health experts during the epidemic. In February of this year, Facebook included posts containing “the new crown virus is man-made” on its list of misleading health claims.

It is worth mentioning that the day before Biden ordered the US intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus within 90 days, the US mainstream media and scientists have unanimously criticized the “Washington The Post published an article on the 25th local time, again mentioning the so-called “new crown virus leaked from the laboratory.”

Does this path seem familiar? Last month, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin exposed the anti-China forces using rumors to smear and attack China. There are three steps in total: first broke the news in the name of so-called scholars and victims, followed by the media followed up on the hype, and then the official response and intervention. So you said, now is the first step?

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