One detail, one judgment

Everyone is very concerned about China-US relations, especially the trend of economic and trade ties, and they also put forward many opinions.

“The Chinese and American economies are both independent and dependent. The political differences between the two countries have severely hit the harmony between the economies.”

“Ideology, national conditions, and the external environment they face are different. Talk is attitude.”

In the past few years, China-US relations have encountered severe difficulties, affecting the two countries and the world. Some emotions have also accumulated among the people. However, on the 27th, the resumption of high-level communication between China and the United States in the economic and trade field was a positive move and a good start.

For the call on the 27th, there is one detail and one judgment worth noting.

One detail is the time and form of the call.

According to Tao Ran’s notes, this call has a different change from the past. Both parties have adopted a video call. In this way, there is both voice communication and face-to-face communication. The entire meeting lasted for about 45 minutes, and the atmosphere on-site was, as stated in the press release, “frank, pragmatic and constructive exchanges were conducted.”

It can be seen that during the conversation, China and the United States frankly expressed their views on the existing differences, which also showed their willingness to seek ways to promote the resolution of the problem.

In terms of continuing in-depth communication, China and the United States are in the same direction.

One judgment is that there may be more communication in the future.

According to Tao Ran’s notes, economy and trade are still the ballast stone of Sino-US relations.

Especially in the context of continuing tensions in Sino-US relations and the existence of enormous contradictions and differences between the two sides, the United States, from the government to the media, still maintains a high degree of attention to the trend of Sino-US economic and trade relations, whether it is a series of reports by the US media or the Office of the United States Trade Representative ( USTR’s external statements are all confirming the importance of economic and trade relations to the United States.

This call is currently one of the few positive communication between China and the United States. It is also a genuinely beneficial communication to China, the United States, and the whole world.

Next, there should be more communication between China and the United States in the economic and trade field, such as new calls, or other forms, to discuss relevant issues carefully.

As long as it is based on facts, carefully weighing the pros and cons, and avoiding emotions and confrontation, there will still be room for China and the United States to seek common ground and explore common interests.

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