Ministry of National Defense: Our journey is the stars and the sea. Our goal is peaceful use.

In the afternoon, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference. Tan Kefei, Deputy Director of the Ministry of National Defense Information Bureau and spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, answered questions from reporters.

Reporter: According to US media reports, the US Space Force Command commander recently stated that China and Russia had developed weapons capable of paralyzing or destroying US satellites. China’s outer space capabilities pose an urgent threat to the US. What opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?

Tan Kefei: An outstanding feature of this remark is that they treat opinions as facts and conjectures as conclusions. This cannot be justified, and it is even harder to win the trust of others. Its fundamental purpose is to establish an “imaginary enemy” and then pretend to be a “victim,” creating an excuse for expanding space armaments and seeking absolute superiority. The United States defines outer space as a “combat territory,” the United States that forms an independent space force. It is the United States that frequently organizes extreme space combat exercises. At present, the weaponization and battlefieldization of outer space have become an imminent threat to the international community, and the United States cannot shirk its blame.

China has always firmly opposed the weaponization and arms race in outer space. Our journey is the stars and the sea, and our goal is to use it peacefully. Over the years, China has worked with Russia and other countries to promote the conclusion of an international legal instrument aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space, ensuring that outer space becomes a territory that supports the common well-being of humanity, rather than a new battlefield filled with competition and confrontation. A big country must have the responsibility of a big government, and a big country must look like a big country. It is hoped that the United States will take the responsibility of significant power and take concrete actions to maintain lasting peace and tranquility in outer space.

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