Multinational airlines fly around Belarus, Russia: then don’t fly to Moscow

The Belarusian “crash landing” passenger plane incident is still fermenting. The EU countries all spoke of it, characterizing it as a “hijacking” behavior, and proposed prohibiting Belarusian flights from entering the airspace. After that, many European airlines changed their routes and bypassed Belarus. Russia has used actions to support its neighbors. Since the 26th, it has successively refused Air France and Austrian Airlines flights from Belarus to Moscow.

According to the British “Guardian” report on May 27, the Russian aviation authorities rejected Austrian Airlines (Austrian Airlines) flights from Vienna to Moscow. They left Air France (Air France) from Paris for the second day after the 26th. Flights to Moscow.

Previously, the two airlines have followed the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommendations and announced new routes around Belarus.

Screenshot of the British “Guardian” report Screenshot of the British “Guardian” report
The Guardian stated that it is unclear whether the rejection of the new route is temporary or if it heralds a more permanent deadlock. British Airways (British Airways) and Dutch Airlines (KLM) can use the new detour routes to Moscow.

According to a report by “Russia Today” (RT) on the 27th, airlines need to obtain approval from the aviation authorities to change their flight routes. The Russian aviation authorities rejected the new way proposed by Austrian Airlines, so its flight from Vienna to Moscow on the 27th could only be canceled.

Screenshot of “Russia Today” report Screenshot of “Russia Today” report
It is worth mentioning that although Russia has rejected the new routes of Air France and Austrian Airlines, this does not mean that all flights around Belarus are prohibited. There are also some detour flights operating normally. For example, LOT Polish Airlines (LOT Polish Airlines) detours from Belarus to Moscow are not affected.

In addition, a Russian reporter posted a comment. The British “Guardian” headline reported that “Russia bans all European aircraft from flying to Moscow,” but the text says that British Airways and Dutch Airlines can sail normally. “The reporter named Bryan MacDonald said that the author of this article showed us a terrible, provocative news work.”

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