Corona vaccine from Curevac misses effectiveness targets: Herber setback.

The corona vaccine candidate from the Tübingen-based pharmaceutical company Curevac has long been considered a beacon of hope.
The disappointment among many observers and investors after the announcement of the latest data is all the more significant.
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To launch a highly effective corona vaccine, the Tübingen-based pharmaceutical company Curevac suffered a severe setback. According to an interim analysis, its vaccine candidate CVnCoV had only achieved preliminary effectiveness of 47 percent against corona disease “of any severity” and thus did not meet the specified statistical success criteria. As a result, the company announced a mandatory announcement on Wednesday evening. As a result, the stock market price dropped by more than half after US trading on Wednesday.

For a long time, Curevac had been considered one of the hopes in the internationally highly competitive race to approve the first corona vaccines. But while vaccines have been administered by numerous competitors worldwide for months, the Tübingen-based company continues to collect data – and recently put off shareholders and observers time and again. As a result, the Cuevas vaccine candidate has long been in the final and therefore approval-relevant 2b / 3 study phase.

CureVac: Why the German hopefuls are lagging in the vaccine race
by Denis Huber
Haas: “The final effectiveness could still change.”
Until the beginning of June, it had been said that the company expected – depending on the clinical trial data – the approval of its vaccine candidate in the EU at least for the second quarter. But shortly afterward, it became known that the proceedings would be further delayed.

Cuevas CEO Franz-Werner Haas announced that they had hoped for more robust results in the interim analysis. But continue the current study until the final analysis. “The final effectiveness could still change.” SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach tweeted: “It’s a shame, the team from Tübingen deserved success.”

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