Kremlin praises Putin and Biden summit as ‘plus sign’ meeting

GENEVA (dpa-AFX) – The Kremlin has praised the summit of Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden as a meeting “with a plus sign”. “We warned against excessive expectations in connection with this summit from the very beginning,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday on Echo Moskvy radio station. “But now we can say, mainly on the basis of the President’s own assessment, that it has more of a plus sign.” There are still differences between the two states, said Peskov – for example with regard to Belarus or the role of NATO.

The Kremlin spokesman also announced that the Russian ambassador would return to Washington in the coming days. At their meeting in Geneva on Wednesday, Putin and Biden agreed on the return of their ambassadors to Moscow and Washington. The diplomats returned to their homeland in the spring as tensions between the two countries grew. The step now agreed is a sign of de-escalation.

Peskow also praised the declaration of both presidents on new strategic talks on arms control as a text in which “the special responsibility of our two states not only towards our peoples, but – as much as that may sound like pathos – towards the whole world” realize.

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