Cold chain is broken: County spontaneously administered 600 doses of vaccine.

After 600 doses of the Biotech vaccine had not been kept in the cold chain, a spontaneous vaccination campaign was started in the Friesland district in Lower Saxony.
Around 1,000 people answered the call and had an injection given at short notice.
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Because of a breakdown in the cold chain, 600 additional vaccine doses were administered at short notice in Lower Saxony in the Friesland district. On Wednesday afternoon, the community had called on Frisians without a vaccination appointment to make their way to the vaccination center in Schortens as soon as possible by early evening.

“There was a big rush,” said a district spokeswoman. Around 1000 people came to the call. Because of the heat, helpers provided those waiting with water bottles. Since not enough vaccine doses were available for everyone, many had to be canceled again, said the spokeswoman. But they would have reacted understandingly.

The vaccine had to be injected immediately.
When the vaccination doses from the manufacturer Biotech / Pfizer arrived at the vaccination center, it was found that the cooling temperature had not been maintained throughout, said the spokeswoman. Why this came about was initially unclear. After consulting the State Health Officer, the substance had to be administered immediately and thoroughly. Of the total of 1200 doses, half were already scheduled for vaccinations on Wednesday. Because of the additional vaccinations on Wednesday, no vaccination appointments that have already been made should be canceled on the following days.

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