Court of Auditors criticizes the procurement of corona protective masks.

According to a report, the Federal Audit Office accuses Health Minister Jens Spahn’s department of chaotic procedures in procuring protective masks.
The ministry had procured far too many masks in a disorderly process and had to accept enormous expenses in the process.
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The Federal Audit Office criticized the central procurement of scarce corona protective masks by the Federal Ministry of Health in the early phase of the pandemic.

A test report to the Bundestag said that the hard work it took to avert an emergency in the health care system in the spring of 2020 should be recognized.

However, it criticizes the “lack of systematic quantity control”. The inventories resulting from a “massive over-procurement” and the budget and personnel capacities used were “not used economically for an effective pandemic fight”.

Exceeds the total contracted quantity from all procurement channels
According to the report, with 5.8 billion protective masks, even an annual requirement of 4.7 billion covers calculated by the ministry “on the basis of extraneous assumptions” is still 23 percent. It is available to the German Press Agency, and the “Spiegel” reported on it.

In addition to the procurement expenditure of 6.3 billion euros, the costs of 320 million euros so far, such as transport, storage, quality checks and external advice, could increase further due to legal disputes and disposal costs.

According to the report, stocks totaled 2.4 billion masks on April 1, 2021. “Large parts of these are considered to be in dispute because they have not passed quality tests.” The Federal Audit Office asked the ministry to provide a “timely
To check the distribution of quality-checked and usable stocks for fighting pandemics “- mainly because there were further expenses for the disposal after the expiry date.

It is also critical to examine whether a physical stocking of protective masks for the healthcare system would be suitable and economical for future pandemic preparedness at the federal level.

According to the report, the ministry referred in its statement to the crisis in spring 2020. The federal government reacted early to support the federal states and the health care system. The Bundestag committees are fully informed

The procurement was planned and monitored centrally based on lists and databases. It was only in connection with the distribution that it emerged that the federal states had procured masks themselves and only wanted to purchase smaller quantities.

The Federal Audit Office recently accused the Ministry of Health of having paid pharmacies significantly more than necessary to distribute protective masks at times. A “massive overcompensation from tax revenues” has therefore also occurred in the case of compensation payments for hospitals.

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