RIB Software SE (RIB) signs an MTWO Phase II contract with the Barzani Group

Centurion, South Africa, June 17, 2021. Today, RIB Software SE, the world’s leading provider of iTWO 6D BIM ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) technology, announced completing an MTWO Phase II contract with the Barzani Group, a leading construction company and real estate development company in South Africa.

Roelof van den Berg, Founder & CEO of the Barzani Group: “Our vision as a company is to become the first construction company to automate its processes and completely change the industry. To achieve this and to be successful, technology plays a role big role – the choice of the right technology partner is also crucial. As an existing RIB CCS customer, we have already got to know RIB and stand behind them and their solutions. The change to the RIB flagship MTWO was therefore a logical consequence for us. See you As a future-oriented, technology-driven industry leader and the MTWO platform, we will continue to support us in our mission to convert traditional construction processes into digitally automated workflows. ”

RIB’s MTWO solution will be a fully integrated and consistent platform for all core functions and all project participants, standardizing the company’s existing system landscape and ensuring workflow automation continues. The company-wide BI and AI functions from MTWO will make operations even more future-proof overall.

Andrew Skudder, CEO of RIB CCS, a member of the RIB Group: “The current status quo of the industry must become more digital. Otherwise, the construction industry will lag behind in a rapidly evolving world where collaboration, transparency and digital innovation drive change. As a digital pioneer, the digitalization journey of the Barzani Group began some time ago, but true to its innovative spirit, it is continuously pushing the expansion of its digital technology portfolio. We are convinced that the Barzani Group will move its construction business faster and further through the use of platform technologies such as MTWO the future will lead. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Roelof van den Berg and his team and support the Barzani Group in further strengthening its position in the market through the consistent integration of virtual and physical construction processes. ”

About the RIB Group
RIB Software SE is a pioneer in the construction industry. The company designs, develop and sell state-of-the-art digital technologies for construction companies and projects in various industries worldwide. iTWO 4.0, the modern cloud-based platform from the RIB, offers the world’s first enterprise cloud technology based on 6D BIM with AI integration for construction companies, industrial companies, developers and project sponsors, etc. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, focused RIB Software SE focuses on IT and construction planning and is a pioneer for innovations in construction to increase productivity by researching and providing new ways of thinking and working and new technologies. RIB is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and Hong Kong, China, and has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2011. With over 2,700 employees in more than 25 countries worldwide, RIB aims to transform the construction industry into the most advanced and most digitized sector of the 21st century.

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