The only aircraft carrier stationed in the Asia-Pacific region is transferred away, why is the U.S. aircraft carrier not enough | Beijing Brewhouse

Unless the United States abandons its hegemony everywhere, it will be difficult to stop the competition for resources between “India” and “Taiwan”. According to CCTV News, the only U.S. aircraft carrier based in the Asia-Pacific region, Ronald Reagan, will withdraw from the Japanese port and sail to Afghanistan. It is expected to stay for about […] →Read more

Biden: Half-mast!

Local time, U.S. President Biden stated the significant shooting in San Jose, California, that day. Biden said that he has the responsibility to order the flag to be lowered to half-mast to mourn the victims. In the statement, Biden cited a series of recent significant shootings in the United States, including the Atlanta Massage Center […] →Read more

One detail, one judgment

Everyone is very concerned about China-US relations, especially the trend of economic and trade ties, and they also put forward many opinions. “The Chinese and American economies are both independent and dependent. The political differences between the two countries have severely hit the harmony between the economies.” “Ideology, national conditions, and the external environment they […] →Read more

Facebook “face change”: no longer delete “new crown virus man-made” posts.

Recently, Fauci, a well-known American virology expert, delivered a speech saying that he was “not sure that the new crown pneumonia virus is of natural origin.” This sentence was immediately distorted and used by the US media and US intelligence agencies to target China again. It is worth noting that this time the western media […] →Read more

The United States and South Korea sign this agreement, South Korea will be able to participate in the US lunar exploration.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Information, and Communication (Ministry of Science and Technology) announced on May 27 that South Korea and NASA have formally signed the Artemis Accords. South Korea has become the tenth member of the agreement. According to Yonhap News Agency’s report on May 27, the United States and South Korean leaders […] →Read more

New York State: Teens who get vaccinated get a full scholarship.

          To increase the COVID-19 vaccination rate, New York State Governor Cuomo announced on Twitter on the 26th that all New York State teenagers aged 12 to 17 who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine have a chance to win the state’s public government. The four-year full […] →Read more

The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan reminds Chinese citizens: If not necessary, please leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

On the 27th local time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan issued a new security reminder. Since the beginning of this year, Arab conflicts have continued, terrorist attacks have continued, and the security situation has become more severe and complex. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in […] →Read more

Ministry of National Defense: Japan must be cautious in its words and deeds on the Taiwan issue and the Diaoyu Islands issue

On the afternoon of May 27, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference. Tan Kefei, deputy director of the Ministry of National Defense Information Bureau and spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, answered questions from reporters. Reporter: According to reports, Japan’s 2021 edition of the “Defense White Paper” drafted for the […] →Read more

Sure enough, Canada can’t wait to jump out! Trudeau: Support Biden’s efforts in this regard

According to Reuters Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that Canada supports US President Biden’s efforts to identify the source of the virus that caused the new crown pneumonia epidemic. According to the report, Trudeau told reporters: “We support the United States and other countries in calling for a better understanding of the origin of […] →Read more

Prime Minister of Cambodia: If you don’t rely on China, who do you rely on?

  On the 20th local time, when attending the opening ceremony of the 26th International Conference on the Future of Asia hosted by the Nikkei, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen decided when faced with Japan’s concerns about the international community’s concern that Cambodia is too dependent on China. Said: If I do not rely on […] →Read more