ACU South Midland

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held at North Hall,Nash Mills Lane Kings Langley Herts.

On Tuesday 25th September 2018 Starting at 7; 30 p.m.

Subject to Official Ratification

Members Present.   J Coles, Chairman, Mrs J Ayres, Ms M Bird, B Davis, T Golds, J Harding, R Humphrey, T Lightfoot, D Porter, C Mawer, I Reynolds, R Twigg, R Watson.

Apologies for absence   Mrs K Southwood, C Moram,.

Minutes of Previous Meeting. On Tuesday 31st July having been circulated were taken as read, they were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman. (Proposed R Watson seconded by R Twigg )

Matters Arising   Mrs Ayres had received payment from Luton Club.

Stewards Co-ordinators Report 

August              E Anglian SMXC                        Chatteris                       Motocross                     Clerk of the Course

161 riders Medical and Paperwork in order. 1 rider crashed through the spectator fence.

19.8.18             HUX Stan Haslam Trophy           Round Rocket                Total Trial                      R Watson

48 Riders. Paperwork in order. Sections suitable and testing for the entry.

2.9.18               Northampton MCC                     Long Buckby                 Motocross                     R Twigg

136 riders, Paperwork and medical in order. Minor track changes. Racing stopped at 15.30 hrs

16.9.18             Nene Valley MCC                      Cranford Firs                  Total Trial                      R Twigg

71 riders, Paperwork in order. Very good championship round.

9.9.18               Peterborough JMXC                    Chatteris                       Motocross                     R Watson

139 riders, Paperwork and Medical in order. Track in good condition.

R Twigg said he had still not received Medical or Scrutineers reports from Luton’s event on 10.6.18.

He was also refused a medical report at Northampton’s Crick event. It was decided to bring the subject of disclosure of riders injuries up at the Chair and Secretaries meeting at Rugby on 6th October.

Competition Secretary’s Report  I Reynolds said in August he issued 10 trials permits and Rugby issued 5 Motocross permits for 4 events. Cancelled permits were being duplicated, not removed. In September he issued 4 trials and Rugby issued 3 motocross permits.

Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary reported that we currently have 992 A-CU Members in SM which is comparable to 942 this time last year 

He had received affiliations from WMA, K&K, and Oxford. The Boat Club at Dews Farm have to move due to HS2 but the details are still unclear, the new ground is unsuitable for us. Rugby have issued notes that increase the Licence fee’s for next year, and re-affirm the Concussion requirements. The Serious Incident packs have been delivered to most Centre Clubs,  the last few will be posted this week. He said that the T&E committee noted Stewards reports in their minutes. The NV Sidecar trial was noted but the report had not been returned to the club. My Laps Dongle has not been purchased. Afternote,Berkhamsted had paid their Affiliation directly to Rugby.

Treasurers Report. Mrs Ayres said that she is nearly at the end of the Financial Year, and when complete she would hand the Accounts to the Auditors. Mrs Ayres said that John Harding had offered to take over the Treasurers position from 1st October 2018. The Committee approved the offer, which will need to be ratified at the AGM in November. In the meantime the committee asked him to assume responsibility from the beginning of the Financial Year. The Mandate forms were signed, as required, to send off to the banks. Copy Minutes to go to Banks. Clubs have been told of Mr Harding’s appointment and New Event statements were being distributed with Permits. Dews Farm licence has been signed and returned and the invoice has been received and paid. 

Web Site.   Mrs Ayres has updated the Motocross and Trials Championships on the website. Mrs Ayres said she would arrange catering for the AGM hopefully with the help of Mrs Sparkes and Mrs Robinson.

National Events  Trials & Enduro None.  Motocross. None Track  Racing.  Mr Porter said that Fenland had run a British Youth Championship round on 1st September, that went off very well, with some enjoyable and close racing. Management Members commented on a very good programme produced for the event.

Centre Events.  Trials & Enduro, – The latest round of the Centre Adult and Youth Championship was reported upon above. There was a query regarding the Youth D & E marking which the T&E Committee were looking at.  Mr Watson suggested that standards of observing varied by club and person, and a set of guidelines is probably required.

Motocross. –  Ms Bird said the next round is on 30th September run by Luton Club.

Grass Track –  D Porter said Fenland ran the Centre Championship on 2nd September. T Golds said the first half was very enjoyable with some close racing, and D Porter said the second half was also very enjoyable. He is waiting for a note of cost of Replicas and Garlands to offer some sponsorship.

Meteor Group.  Next event is at Beckley run by Oxford Ixion on 6th October.

Inter-Centre Events;  Trials & Enduro  None this year. Motocross. None this year. 

Subcommittee Reports

Trials and Enduro; Minutes of the Meeting on 18th September not yet received.

TWG Update.   Nothing to report

Support for First Aid course, L Cox had contacted the Secretary to ask if the Centre would fund a First Aid Course they were running. D Porter said that the course went ahead on the previous Saturday. He would ask Berkhamsted to make an application for support.

Letter Mike Rapley    Mr Rapley detailed his CV and requested our backing for his Nomination to T&E Committee.

Board and Sport Committee Nominations.  After discussions we would ask our Delegate to vote for :-

Board; R Humphrey, A Summers.

Motocross ; S McCauley.

Track Racing;  D Staff, P Hurry

Trials & Enduro; J Collins, M Rapley, Third Choice P Sparkes.

ACU SM Rule amendments.  Delete M7 Sound Inspector. C5 amend to 4 years. C18 add ‘Trials and MX’; Add ‘One Event  licence holders’.Remove Grass Track. C15 remove “at the end of a period of twelve months”. MX2 Add over 60’s. T9 and GT2, Add to be “determined by the committee. 

 Chair & Secretaries meeting, J Coles and T Golds would attend the C&S meeting on the 6th October. The item was as above, Disclosure of injuries.

Centre Seminars. The seminar dates for next year are 12th January, Trials, and 19th January, MX and Technical. Ms Bird said there were two for the MX National A McClurg and Steve Ashby.

Club Permit Refunds, Basic MX Insurance refunds, Cash for grass roots,  Permit refunds are now being sent out to clubs. The MX Basic Insurance refund to the Centre, has been received except for other Centre clubs running in our Centre.  R Humphrey said Northampton had been asked to re-submit their application.

Medical Provision. J Coles said that an injured rider at an event, could not be taken to hospital by the attending medical team, as they were not authorised to carry casualties. Having taken advice he was told that there are some organisations who attend events but are not registered with CQC. A CQC registration ensures that the members are qualified to drive ambulances. Ambulances should be registered with DVLA and proof should be carried. He believes that the ACU should review the regulations regarding Medical in the handbook. We need to ensure that all riders are given the support needed. Clubs can check that medical teams are registered if they visit the CQC website. B Davis asked if the ACU could supply a list of approved companies, but J Harding said there would need to be a vast list as it has to cover the whole country and would not be practical when CQC website is available to clubs. Ms Bird said the CQC do come out to check on these companies. T Lightfoot said clubs also have to look at the cost. D Porter asked if this could go in the Club Newsletter, agreed. T Lightfoot asked if he should take this situation back to the ACU Motocross Committee, and J Coles would bring it up at the Chair and Secretaries meeting, agreed.  R Humphrey noted that Greg Hanson had told him ‘if there hadn't been a paramedic at the practice track when he came off, he would have been dead now’.

Date & venue of next meeting. on Tuesday 30th October at North Hall, Nash Mills Lane, Apsley, at 7;30pm.

Any Other Business.  Mrs Ayres suggested that perhaps meetings could be quarterly, but as meetings can be cancelled at a few days notice, it was decided to be left as it is.

Mrs Ayres said that Bill Gwynne had passed away and his funeral would be the following Friday.

R Humphrey said that he had to cancel a couple of events at Milton due to dry conditions, only to have heavy rain during the days before. The Contract for Milton ends this year.

Brad Davis said that Frank Yates had died following an accident at Ledbury and a collection was held at a Veterans European Long Track event which collected £600, and at Fenland collecting another £300 both for the Ben Fund.

B Twigg had spoken to the Ryalls Family at Dews Farm, and was told nothing is yet firmed up, so they may still be there in October.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9;43 pm,