ACU South Midland

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held at North Hall,Nash Mills Lane Kings Langley Herts.

On Tuesday 31st October 2017 Starting at 7; 30 p.m.

Members Present.    J Coles - Chairman, Mrs J Ayres, Ms M Bird, Mrs K Southwood, B Davis, T Golds, J Harding, R Humphrey,  T Lightfoot, C Mawer, M Maynard, C Moram, D Porter, I Reynolds, R Twigg, R Watson.

Apologies for absence   Mrs J Ayres

Minutes of Previous Meeting. On Tuesday 26th September 2017, having been circulated were taken as read, they were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman. (Proposed R Twigg, seconded by C Mawer )

Matters Arising  None.

Stewards Co-ordinators Report 

29/30.9.17         Judd MX Prom               Culham                         Motocross                                 J Coles

298 riders, 20 injuries, Paperwork in order Difficult Conditions, Toilets insufficient, Warning notices not displayed.

10.9.17             Northampton MCC         Long Buckby                 Motocross                                 J Coles

47 riders, Medical and paperwork in order, well organised event which deserved a better entry.

Competition Secretary’s Report  I Reynolds said  revised figures for September 8 Trials and 2 Motocross.

For October he issued 8 trials and one motocross.

He said for the dates meeting on 12th November he had dates from all clubs except Muddy Furlong. T Golds said that club would not be running ACU events in 2018.

Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary reported that we currently have 976 ACU Members in SM which is up 5 on last month, and comparable to 1035 this time last year and 1065 the year before, and currently Rugby are 400 short year on year.

The Website had 223 hits in the last 4 weeks.

He had 15 Affiliations so far, and Nene Valley passed theirs over.

The Secretary said that the on the 28th October 2018 ACU Western would be running the Brian Valder Memorial Trial in the Gloucester area.

He said that we are still searching for a new Treasurer, webmaster and someone to take on the fixture list from October 2018. He had audited the Annual Accounts with L Erwood and they were in order.

He reminded the meeting that there was a Motocross Forum on the 26th November at Rugby.

Seminar dates are Trials CoC and Stewards on 13th January 2018 and Motocross CoC and Technical on 20th January.

He had received documents referring to Data protection, which come into effect in May 2018. Rugby would issue guidance following Jill Brookin. the new Finance Manager, attending a course on 1st November.

Treasurers Report. Mrs Ayres reported that the end of year Accounts are now complete and we have a surplus to general funds, which is concerning and will mean a large Corporation Tax bill. It seems there has been an increase in trial entries, transponder repayments are up, with no replacements. There have been no Inter Centre Events this year. The Treasurer suggested that as there was concern regarding the level of cash in the bank, we could increase the donation to the Ben Fund and also reduce the trials rider levy to £1 and reduce the Permit Fee. The free entry of Regulations in the TSM for all disciplines would also have an effect in 2017/18.  D Porter said that as riders were covering their own ‘injury - off work’ situations, the Ben Fund is not burdened with requests. He proposed an increase to £600, seconded by I Reynolds and agreed by the meeting. I Reynolds said that the Permit Fees only referred to Trials as Motocross Permits came from Rugby. These changes were too late for the AGM/Board agendas, but the revised Insurance rates from Rugby may present an opportunity for amendment when received.

Web Site.   Mrs Ayres said the website had been neglected whilst the Accounts were finalised, but should be back on a more even keel now.

National Events  Trials & Enduro  None Motocross. None Track  Racing.  None.

Centre Events.  Trials & Enduro, – Mrs Southwood said there were three rounds to come, the next at Hinxton on 5th November, K&K on 26th November, and NEL. The youth have two rounds at K&K and NEL 10th December.

Motocross. –  Ms Bird said the last event was 15th October at Northampton. The dates are in for the Dates meeting.

Grass Track –  D Porter said he had nothing further from Fenland.

Meteor Group.  R Twigg said the next event is 19th November run by Wycombe and 17th December run by Farnham Royal.

Inter-Centre Events;  Trials & Enduro  None this year. Motocross. None this year. 

Subcommittee Reports

Trials and Enduro;  Mrs Southwood said the T&E sub Committee met on the 19th September. She would be the representative on the Trials Working Group, but was unable to attend on 16th September. Most contact would be by Email, and there will be another meeting early next year. She enquired about trophy insurance with Mrs Ayres, and they should be covered by holders home insurance. None were, so they would be held at North Hall. Rugby suggested the Youth A Elite class would be run with the Adult rounds, confirmation awaited.

A number of clubs had requested a round of the Centre Championships for 2018, and they would be decided on suitable venues.  Youth rules would be changed to allow youth to ride their preferred route.

Youth training was carried out on 15th July before Berko’s Saturday Trial and the next would be 4th November at Nash Mills.

AOB. Finding observers is still a problem. News of the World Trophy would be offered to one club at the same venue each year. It is hoped that this will be taken up and more clubs would be able to enter teams.

Next meeting would be in January 2018.

T Golds said trophy insurance is not viable, the cost of initial valuation and the insurance premium would make it too expensive. D Porter said there is always a problem getting trophies back.

Motocross, no meeting. Grass Track; no meeting.

Motocross Minutes & Safety Fencing  Metal crowd control barriers or post and rail fencing can only be used for crowd control,  and a  neutral zone as per guidelines must be maintained.

S McCauley said he would ask the Board for an additional payment to Track inspectors, to cover meals etc as mileage rate does not cover the work and time involved. As tracks are not all ‘owned’ by clubs it cannot be recharged.

Sound Metering. R Humphrey said that he, and several others, had attended a seminar at Rugby, and would attend Luton’s event on 5th November with S Brace. C Moram said you need to carry out the ambient test while the bike testing is being done.


TWG, Mrs Southwood said the minutes of the TWG on 16th September, showed there were 4 members of the T&E Committee, and only 5 Centres had nominated TWG Members who attended. This was disappointing. The majority of contact would be by email. Minutes of last meeting were approved, but although the Youth Training was a good initiative, not everyone was aware how to apply for it. ACU D Championships for girls had three routes already and a fourth would be one too many with limited numbers. The D Class Youth route allowed too many bike sizes and should revert to just Small and Medium wheel. The separation of electric and petrol engines had been discussed by the T&E, and could be dropped in favour of just one category. The ACU Youth Championship, A & B would revert back to being held together at the same venues, C&D would also be held together. Organisers could apply for both or either over the same weekend. Youth Elite would be incorporated in the British Solo Championship.

The S3 Parts Championship start order was not satisfactory and was discussed. It was suggested riders could be invited to register for the year and those who did could be started together. The introduction of classes in the Classic championship had not proved popular in 2017, but no consensus of classes was forthcoming. A Rew was studying some proposals for 2018, but if a viable Classic Championship could not be organised it would be dropped.

The sidecar working group received a petition from sidecar crews, but there were few replies to a new initiative, so the series would remain as was.

J Collins said he had some concerns for the future provision of First Aid in trials, and while some area’s run seminars some members doubted that another seminar would be appreciated. A Martin is currently investigating the ACU providing this. J Collins said that injuries to older Officials was concerning and consideration should be given to their placement.

J Coles suggested that TWG members would not have a vote so would therefore not believe it worthwhile. Mrs Southwood said that the T&E would still be accountable for not taking note of suggestions.

T Golds asked about electric bikes in motocross, and M Maynard replied that they are sold but very expensive and R Humphrey added they have different power characteristics to petrol engined machines.


First Aid at Trials. Berko pay for members to take the seminar and Cambridge are looking at it.


Stewards Contact details, J Coles said that EASMC say that they do not receive stewards details to enable them to contact them, or else just a name. J Harding agreed that details are seldom given. R Watson said that he sends a list of stewards jobs allocated, to Rugby after the Stewards meeting. R Humphrey said that he would look at the paperwork from Rugby for this weekend at Luton’s event. J Coles said that clubs do not receive copies of stewards report, and what happens to bad reports. R Humphries said that they go to A Hay and he reports to the MX Committee. He added that this should be added to the agenda for the MX Forum.


Chair and Secretaries Meeting 7th October  J Coles noted;- The ACU’s brokers met with Insurers every 5 or 6 weeks but insurers are hardening their stance on motor sport, and partly due to the Ogden Tables which give the Insurers a better view of the future, hence giving our brokers fewer options. Other options are being investigated. It is hoped to have new Insurance tables in November. There was little movement in the Doodson’s situation. Paperwork following a serious incident is taking too long to reach Locktons. An Incident Pack would be resurrected and distributed at Seminars with on-line training to follow. Clubs should still print details of on-line entries as ICE Contacts are still required. The age and capability of older officials should be taken into account. Some National Council Nominations were hand written when templates are available. Note was made to recent Facebook posts and should be ignored. There was discussion regarding promoters eligibility to stand for election and the Chairman suggested they be approved by the Board and then a NC Select committee. It would go to NC for discussion. The S Midland had asked for sound monitoring to be carried out and a seminar would be held to update Officials on the use of ACU ambient sound equipment. It was noted that for 2 day events riders must sign on each day if a different Permit is issued. However a 2 day permit needs only to be signed once. New EU Data Protection Regulations will come into force in May 2018, and the ACU will issue Guidance and to Centres. The Vnuk situation is unchanged, although an EU Commission Consultation closes on 20th October, and all motorsport will be affected. A motorsport exemption option is being investigated.  A spectator was killed at a Mountain Bike event two years ago and the Clerk of the Course and Chief Marshal are facing Corporate Manslaughter charges, this may have repercussions for our sport. ACU Licences for 2018 will be green and up to date photo’s may be requested.

The Maxxis series went well in 2017, the new 2 stroke class was well received but there was a drop off in entries in some classes. There will be 8 rounds in 2018 and six organisers are already confirmed.

ACU Timekeeping continues to assist clubs moving to electronic timing and lap scoring.

Mr Humphrey reported 10 successful events had been run at Milton Malsor. The lease expires at the end of 2018 and the ACUE board will discus the future. Mr Robinson said that he had been to the venue and that it should be kept open and the ACU should do everything possible to retain any venue.

The General Secretary reported that this years TT was severely affected by weather and a proposal is being put forward for extra practice sessions. He also reported that the Sidecar Speedway Championship had been well received and is expected to run in 2018.

The TWG had met but although the response was poor, those present made a worthwhile contribution.

The sighting lap for short course Hare and hounds was felt unnecessary by clubs but would be strongly recommended in the rules.

The Chairman said that Officials Licence renewals should not be on line as attendance showed some commitment, but a split of possibly the NSC and Environmental Code being done on line, then more time being available at the Seminar.


National Council Agenda  The Chairman noted the Agenda Items. We had agreed the nominations we would support at the last meeting.  C Moram said that the original and the change in NSC  Sport Committees was not correct as the ACU cannot penalise “any person”, only licence holders.

ACUE Timekeeping. R Humphrey said that he had been approached by a Grass Track Rider asking if time keeping for that discipline was feasible.


Dates Meeting, AGM and Board, Inter Club Team Trials rule.

The Secretary said that everything seems to be ready, and as long as the shortened Trials Rule is acceptable.



Date & venue of next meeting. on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at North Hall, Nash Mills Lane, Apsley, at 7;30pm.


Any Other Business. 

C Moram said that pictures in TMX showed that Youngsters helmets were completely unsuitable. We should take it up with Dr P King.

Mrs Southwood said that she would bring a water heater for the Dates meeting / AGM.

D Porter said that he could not attend the AGM but would be available to stand as GT Representative.

M Maynard asked about the validity of “GoRace” an on line booking system for MX. R Humphrey said that it is a system similar to the ACU’s, and “RideACU” will be rolled out as a similar system. Once a rider is registered he will be recognised for the year, and can book in easily to any MX event. Mrs Bird said that some pictures on Licences are out of date, and R Humphrey said the Licensing dept will be looking at this.

J Harding said that the New Management of his track at Chatteris had not yet confirmed the dates he had requested.

R Twigg said he had an autographed poster of John Surtees Day at Brands Hatch and would like it sold on ebay and put towards the Ben Fund. D Porter would arrange.


 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9;30 pm,