ACU South Midland

Minutes of the Management Committee Meeting

held at North Hall,Nash Mills Lane Kings Langley Herts.

On Tuesday 25th July 2017 Starting at 7; 30 p.m.


Members Present.    J Coles, - Chairman, Mrs J Ayres, Ms M Bird, Mrs K Southwood, B Davis, T Golds, R Humphrey, T Lightfoot, C Mawer, C Moram, D Porter, I Reynolds, R Twigg, R Watson.

Apologies for absence    J Harding, M Maynard,.

Minutes of Previous Meeting. On Tuesday 27th June 2017, having been circulated were taken as read, they were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman. (Proposed C Mawer, seconded by I Reynolds )

Matters Arising  None

Stewards Co-ordinators Report 

10/11.6.17         East Anglian SMX          Milton Malsor                 Motocross                                 Club ?

250 Riders 500 Spectators, Paperwork and Medics in order. Track dusty but breeze kept it away

1.6.17               Luton DMCC                  Toddington                    Motocross                                 J Coles

42 Riders, Paperwork and Medics in order. 6 Injuries.

1/2.7.17 Peterborough                 Chatteris                       Motocross                                 R Watson

128 riders both days, Paperwork and medics in order. Last race on Saturday red flagged. Several injuries on Sunday.

2.7.17               Northampton                  Milton Malsor                 Summer National                       C O C

Paperwork and Medics in order. No Comments

16.7.17             Berko/K&K/HUX Round Rocket                Tough Ten Trial                          R Watson

67 riders, Paperwork in order. Excellent well managed event, Disappointing entry.

Competition Secretary’s Report  I Reynolds said in July he issued 9 trials permits, Rugby have issued 1 Motocross permit. 

Secretary’s Report. The Secretary said that the September meeting is normally held mid month but as it seems quiet, it was suggested it is left at 26th September. Agreed                                                                                   It It It has been reported that Keith Wakefield, a Cambridge Matchless member died on Sunday 23rd July. Management wished to send their sympathy to the family.

The Secretary reported that we currently have 942 ACU Members registered in S Midlands, which was comparable to 998 members this time last year and 1038 the previous year. The website has had 170 hits this month.

Mrs L Edwards of Kensworth Club, confirmed that the club would be entering a team of 25 riders in the team event at Culham on 23rd/24th September, so it was now in order to send the Cheque to assist with team Shirts, bearing the ACU SM Logo.

The new lady in Accounts at Rugby did not start.

The cheques covering Event Support Contribution from Rugby to clubs have been issued. 

The note from Rugby regarding the ACU Mutual Aid Fund had been forwarded to clubs.

On the permit front, the Secretary had spoken to Jillian in IT at Rugby regarding the system not picking up Peterborough permits for reports and this was being sorted.

The last Trials sub-committee meeting minutes asked that the wording of the News of the World Trophy be amended. As the rules for that competition are not in the SM Rule book it was agreed that they should be written into the rules. TG to re write and bring to Management on 26th September.

Treasurers Report. Mrs Ayres said she is waiting the invoice from Hillingdon BC for Dews Farm Licence. The Secretary had requested a copy from HBC for a second time, the week before. Mrs Ayres was also waiting an invoice for the Regs and Postage etc from TSM. She had sent a cheque for 37 sets of regs from October last year until July and asked for a receipted invoice. She was also waiting for the transponder use at the MX Nationals in April. Muddy Furlong still owed money for events, and had been sent another Form. A bank statement was awaited showing promised transfer of funds from the club.  

Web Site.   Mrs Ayres said she is updating the website and some more pictures are now showing. Mrs Bird was asked for the MX tables.

National Events  Trials & Enduro  R Watson asked if we could put Inter Centre event on the NC or Chair and Sec meeting agenda.

Motocross. None Track  Racing.  None.

Centre Events.  Trials & Enduro, – Mrs Southwood said the next event is Nene Valley in September at Cranford Firs.

Motocross. –  Ms Bird said next event is 3rd September at Luton.   Grass Track –  D Porter said he had not heard but assumed that Fenland would still be running on 20th August and he would collect and take trophies to the event.

Meteor Group.  R Twigg said the next event is 6th August at Dews Farm.

Inter-Centre Events;  Trials & Enduro  None this year. Motocross. None this year. 

Subcommittee Reports

Trials and Enduro; Next meeting in September. Motocross, no meeting. Grass Track; no meeting.

Nominations for Board, Sport Committees and National Council Delegate. The Secretary said he would complete and return the National Council Delegates Nomination Form. The Nomination for the Trials Working Group was for Mrs Southwood, approved at the last meeting and as it did not require Centre Signature it could be sent direct.

T Lightfoot said he was part way through his CV for Nomination for Motocross Committee and would send it to R Humphrey, J Coles and the Secretary for comment.

R Humphrey said all the forms from Rugby should now be sent out in Word for easy use by all. For Chair and Sec meeting Agenda.

Event Assistance policy. The Secretary confirmed he had sent an ACU SM cheque to Juliet Collins. The suggestion was that we had a consistent event assistant policy that could cover National and Championship events. C Moram said that we have cash in the bank and we should be doing something with it towards events. R Humphrey said that assistance should be given on the merit of the event and not just National events. I Reynolds said that it should be based on a sensible and written application. B Davis proposed that the assistance should be according to the merit of event, seconded by D Porter, and carried by the meeting. J Coles said we have agreed the policy and we need to agree the implementation. Following discussions it was decided that a note should be raised to detail the income and expenditure of events that clubs wish to put forward for assistance, following the event.  To be available for next meeting.

M Clarkson has contacted R Twigg regarding presenting trophies for the extra class of twin shocks. Mrs Ayres said there is nothing on the website regarding the Pre 65 Series. R Twigg said he would contact M Clarkson to establish requirements.

R Humphrey said that the Rugby Mutual Aid Policy does not prevent clubs from approaching Rugby for any other type of support in terms of Technical or Sound testing etc.

It was noted that the decision to print Regs for trials in TSM at no charge to the club, does not apply to Closed to Club Trials as they would not normally be printed anyway.

Suggestions for Life Vice Presidents. The Secretary said we had lost several Life V Ps and wondered if there was anyone else who qualified. Mrs Ayres suggested that when the paperwork for the Board and Management Nominations goes out suggestions are requested.

Other Centres using SM Land. The Secretary said he had spoken to the Permit Secretary for ACU Eastern and agreed that they would exchange dates asap after the Dates Meeting. This would be kept low key, otherwise it would get complicated. R Humphrey said clubs using Mildenhall, Chippenham tracks should probably get together.

Abuse Officials / medics, wordings.  for SM Reg  R Humphrey said that Youth Clubs are now erecting signs regarding abuse and that riders may be excluded if found guilty. Ms Bird said adult clubs are doing so too. It was decided not to add to the Regulations at present.

Seminar Dates  The Secretary said that he would like to confirm the seminar dates for next year to get trainers organised. 13th January 2018 would be Trials, and Stewards, and 20th January 2018 Motocross and Technical. The Secretary would organise with Rugby.

Dews Farm  The Secretary had received a number of notifications that HS2 would be attending the whole site looking for Bats and newts etc.

Date & venue of next meeting. on Tuesday 26th September 2017 at North Hall, Nash Mills Lane, Apsley, at 7;30pm.

Any Other Business.  The Secretary asked if there were any notes to go to clubs with the requests for S M Nominations which will need to be distributed around 12th September.

Changes to Rules will need be agreed by the next Management Meeting, to go to Clubs on 11th October along with the list of Nominations. The Inter-club Trial Rules were already noted. 

The committee confirmed that Trials Training had taken place on Saturday 15th July and Expenses should go to trainers as agreed.

Ms Bird said that she remained as Club Secretary for Luton Club and that they had a new Competition Secretary Abbie Fisk.

Mrs Ayres confirmed that she would be retiring at the November 2018 AGM and that we need a new Treasurer, She would write up a job specification.  The Secretary would find a previous spec and pass to her. We will also need someone new to run the SM Website and select the new system which was spoken about at the Finance Meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9;12 pm,