ACU 2019  Handbook

            I believe everyone has had the chance to look at the pages of the handbook which will give contact details for clubs for the 2019 version, so I will update it over the next couple of days and send it round before it goes to Rugby


ACU S Midland Dates Meeting AGM and Board

            I would just like to remind clubs that the Dates meeting will begin at 11;05 on the 11th November, at North Hall as always, and your requested dates should be returned to Ian Reynolds by 31st October

The AGM and Board meetings will begin at the new time of 1 pm.


ACU Affiliations

            I have received a dozen or so Affiliations, thank you to those who sent them to me, but there are still a number outstanding, so please dont be shy, get them back to me. When I have signed the form and sent it to Rugby they will send the ‘Unique Numbers’ to the club. I believe new Licences are available from 29th October.


New Treasurer

            There is little doubt that the new Treasurer will be approved at the AGM in November, but just to let you all know, John Harding, who has been Chairman of Peterborough Club for ages will be taking on the roll from Judith Ayres who retires at the AGM. His details will appear in the handbook and club treasurers will already have received a note from Judith with his details. We thank him for taking the position on and thank Judith for umpteen years of service to the S Midland.

 Medical Services at Motocross.

            Medical Services were discussed at the Chair and Sec’s meeting at Rugby last weekend, and Secretaries were asked to make clubs aware that any company they use should be Care Quality Commission registered. This should ensure that they can transport patients to hospital, in registered ambulances with registered Paramedics. Clubs in the Eastern Centre have been told that they will no longer be able to call the 999 service and use NHS Ambulances. Rugby will be putting something out shortly to give a guide to the questions clubs should ask their Medics, to ensure they dont fall foul of a NHS refusal to transport. It is recognised that the cost of Medics must be born in mind, but can you let your riders down by using un-registered medics who may not cope with a problem. Would your riders be happy with a man with a box of sticking plasters?

Protest time for Trials .

            Again, at the Chair and Sec’s meeting, the Chairman asked if the 14 day protest rule was still valid, with results being available very often by the late evening of the event. After some discussion it was felt that 5 days would be adequate and this may well be seen in the new Handbook.


The FIM Trials dates had still not been received at Rugby so currently no National Calendars are available.

All the best,

Terry Golds, A-CU South Midland Secretary