British Motocross GP

            The ACU MX Department would like to hear from experienced Marshall’s who are interested in helping at this years British MX GP.  As you know this is a great way to see the GP and be involved in the biggest MX event in the UK this year. The venue is the terrific Matterley Basin near Winchester on 2nd and 3rd June.

Our S Midland member of the MX committee, Tim Lightfoot, would be pleased to provide further information/put them in touch as required. tim.lightfoot@merton.ox.ac.uk


            Firstly, if you haven't looked at the new ACU website, then you need to. It has great new features, is easier to use, so easy to find events, and even I can find my way around on my  five bob mobile phone, and if I can you can.

            But going on from there, the S Midland website is in need of updating, and as Judith Ayres is hanging up her keyboard in November, we need to find someone else to take it over. Someone who can find a new web platform ( is that what they are called) and take it on from there. That should be a really nice little project for a lad interested in that sort of job in the future, or someone with experience in that area. Whatever your background let us know you are interested. 


            You are all probably used to receiving the ACU Magazine, Sportmoto, but I read somewhere that it is being discontinued, Unfortunately by the time you read it, it is out of date, and has been superseded by the website or a Facebook thing.

            I believe its a great shame that these magazines are ‘old hat’ as in future it will not be possible to have a flick through old pages and old memories. If its on a computer hard disc, its there but like all the hundreds of photos on your phone, how often do you go back and have a look at your memories. Enough of that, but, as you get older, it does becomes more important !.

Dews Farm    

            I have received no end of letters from HS2 and their partners, saying that they want to investigate Badgers and newts and all sorts. Bob Brown has been keeping an eye on things when possible, but his latest conversation with HS2 suggests that the Trials ground may not be investigated. From past drawings etc, we believe the car park will have an electric supply pylon erected on it, but fingers crossed that is all we will have to put up with.

General Data Protection Regulations.

            I have sent a number of queries to Rugby regarding GDPR, and as the lady dealing with the subject went on a course on Wednesday, I am hoping that we will get some answers to those questions very soon, especially as the 10th May is the publication date for June events which will have to detail the new wording etc. As soon as I hear, you will too.


Very best regards

Terry Golds. A-CU South Midland Secretary