First of all, on behalf of ACU S Midland Management team and myself can I wish you all, clubs and members, a very happy and healthy New Year. 

            The first good news this year is that 18 year old Luke Harris, a Hayes and Southall member has won the Pinhard Prize being adjudged the under 21 year old with the most Meritorious Performance in 2017. Luke has a long list of National Championship wins in Grass track since 2009, last year (2017)winning the British Upright 350 cc Championship and was again riding speedway last year, being Captain of Reading Racers and improved his average with Cradley Heathens. Many congratulations Luke.

            We also send our congratulations to the following S Midland lads who won 2017 ACU National Championships; Chris Koch, winner in Class 1 and Steve Bird, winner of Class 4 in the Normandale Traditional Trials Championship; Chris also won the Trail Bike Championship and to John Chatto winner of Class 2 of the Classic Trial Championship.

In Track Racing, Mark Cossar and Carl Blyth win the 1000cc Sidecar Masters and Sidecar Speedway Championship, along with the Brian Stibbs Trophy; brother Tom Cossar and Wayne Rickards are the 1000cc British Clubman’s Champions. So they are keeping it in the family.

Jim Laurie Award

            It is once again time to award this lovely trophy to someone in the Centre who has given their time and enthusiasm to the sport, but is not a regular rider. This award is for the back room boys or girls who do the hard work, but get little acknowledgement. So if you think that someone who regularly supports the sport or Clubs, runs events, or turns up to observe or marshal without having their arm twisted, give them a nomination. We all appreciate what they do, so we now have the chance to show them and say ‘thank you! Nominations will have to close on Monday 29th January 2018 

Honorary Treasurer

I think everyone will know by now that Judith Ayres is hanging up her calculator in November, and we need a new Hon Treasurer. Preferably, someone with an accounts background, as they should understand the logic behind book keeping and accounts. Management feel that a personal approach is needed for this position, so if you believe someone you know may have an interest in this position please let me or Judith know and we will make the approach.

Web master

Judith currently looks after the website as well, we are looking for someone who would be interested in being the webmaster. We are aware that we need a new website so we would like to find someone to take over the old one in the short term and be in a position to choose the new one. So if you know of or are interested in that aspect, please let me or someone else on Management know 

Fixture Lists

            As you all know we produce a Fixture list of events in the ACU S Midland each year. This years list  may be ready for the end of January and will be sent out as soon as practical  after that. However it is something that could be emailed around to members, and if in a amended format could be printed off for those who support the sport without being club members, probably a small number for each club. So the question is; Do we still need to print them, or if you get a printable version would that suffice? Please let me know.

Event Paperwork.

Event paperwork has been sent out by Kirsty at Rugby; Signing on forms etc. However I cannot tell if they have gone to all clubs or not. If you have not seen the forms and would like me to send them to you let me know. Alternatively they can be found on the NEW ACU website under ‘Organisers’  - ‘Event paperwork’.

             Once again there are no minutes of recent Management Meetings as there was not enough meat to chew over in January, but February is looking better.


            As far as I can establish, handbooks only go to Licensed Officials and Club Secretaries, so as a Rider you would normally have to use the On-Line Version. From what I can see of the youngsters riding these days that is all they want anyway. Just old codgers like me who need to thumb pages, when I have found my glasses.         

Fixture Lists 

            This years list  is already out and clubs should have received the number that they have asked for, If you haven’t received yours from your club, I suggest you talk to the Club Secretary first or come back to me if you have a query.

Clerk of the Course and Technical Licences

            For those of you who have attended any of our seminars this January, and to my knowledge everyone passed the test papers, you should find that licences noting the detail are being sent out. Many of the Trials Licences have been received, and there are some being delivered this week. For those who attended the MX CoC and Technical Seminars, they have just started to be entered on the Membership System at Rugby and will probably be sent out in the next 10 – 14 days. Rugby are busy with normal licences as the MX and Road Race clubs are about to start their seasons. I know Bemsee and North Gloucester Clubs start racing in early March and road racers are the bulk of licence holders in the ACU.

Motocross Riding in the pits. 

            The Stewards who will be attending the S Midlands Motocross events this year will all be noting any clubs who are not clamping down on riding in the pits. It is so Dangerous, with dogs and young children wandering about someone will get hurt and then there may well be inquiries etc. I will be writing to Motocross Clubs advising them of the need to take extra care. I am also aware that clubs from outside the S Midland, who use tracks such as Milton and Culham also need to be aware and I am hoping that a note will go in Sportmoto which is sent to every ACU member.

Dead engine start Trials 

In much the same vein as the Motocross note, the T & E Committee have asked that all riders observe the ‘Dead Engine Start’ rule and practice after an event is at the discretion of the Club and Clerk of the Course.

From what I see at events these rules are starting to slip, so this is a reminder as we don’t want any accidents.

Club News

            At the recent Berkhamsted MCC Annual General Meeting, a new Secretary was elected. Lionel Cox has undertaken that position, and he can be contacted on Mob 07817 444989 or by email lionel.cox@btconnect.com .


Very best regards

Terry Golds. A-CU South Midland Secretary