Management Meetings

            Firstly, can I remind members of the ACU S Midlands that Management Meetings are open to any members who wish to come along and see what happens, or to ask questions, however I would appreciate your letting me know if you wish to join us as we will need to get extra steak and chips and apple pie. If you have a question I would prefer to put it on the agenda so that we can have an answer on the day, rather than have to go away and research and get a late answer.


S M Website

            Those of you that read the minutes that I circulate may have seen that the lovely Judith Ayres will be hanging up her calculator after the AGM and Board in November 2018, so 15 months time. We are obviously on the lookout for a new Treasurer, and as Judith currently looks after the website as well, we are looking for someone who would be interested in being the webmaster. We are aware that we need a new website so we would like to find someone to take over the old one in the short term and be in a position to choose the new one. So if you know of or are interested in that aspect, please let me or someone else on Management know.


Dews Farm

            There is not much of an update really, just to let you know that I have received another letter saying that they want to do some more surveys of the land looking for Toads, Bats, digging trenches if necessary and examining pond water etc. This period dated from 1st September until 30th November. It is not expected to impact us running events as they work Monday to Friday, unless they may leave holes or trenches where they work. I expect to receive papers from the company who will be doing the surveys so I will find out if I can.

AGM and Board

            Early in September I will be sending out the papers for nominations for the various Official positions in ACU S Midlands. When they are received and verified, around 12th October I will be sending out the Agenda‚Äôs and Minutes of last years events ready for this years, which will be held on November 12th.

This year there will be extra nominations required. Over the last few years we have lost a number of Life Vice-Presidents, Jim Parker, Brian Valder and Fred Henley. So it is time to find a few more. Who in your opinion deserves to become a Life Member of the SM. Who has devoted much of their time to the SM, not just there own Club, as that is for the club to recognise, but to the Centre, and has now pretty much finished their work and deserves recognition. I am sure there are some I have missed and who deserve this accolade. 

ACU Tape 

            I have managed to get hold of some ACU Tape, in pretty big rolls, and can distribute it for free. Apparently the printing is not up to scratch and Rugby got it for nothing. So if your club uses tape on your track or on your sections, let me know and I will get some to you. The website says they are 500 metre rolls ! 

With very best regards


Terry Golds.

A-CU South Midland Secretary