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 Revision 2016 



M1                 Annual General Meetings and Board Meetings

F1                 Finance

O1                 Officers and Officials

MC1              Management Committee

A1                 Affiliation

P1                 Permits

C1                 Competitions

MX1              Motocross

T1                  Trials

GT1               Grass Track


Revisions :- 9.11.2014        O4 Stewards Payments

Revisions :- 8.11.2015        C18 Competitions                               M4 AGM and Board Minutes M7 Track Racing Recorder

General. Removal of “Centre” from South Midland title. Rev to A-CU South Midland

A4 Application for affiliation. revised                              






M1       The dates of the Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting/s will be published on the A-CU South Midland website, at least two months prior to the nominated dates.

M2       The Annual General Meeting of the A-CU South Midland shall be held in November each year when the following Officers will be elected from nominations received :- President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary. These Officers have full voting rights at Board meetings. (27.6.95)

M3       Board Meetings shall be held at a suitable venue at a time and date to be decided by the Board.

M4       A copy of the AGM and Board Meeting Minutes and Agenda’s shall be forwarded to Club Secretaries, Officers and Officials of the A-CU South Midland not less than three weeks prior to the date of the Meeting. (17.6.29).

M5       The closing date for receipt of items for Board Meeting Agenda’s shall be one calendar month before the date of the Meeting. (27.4.75)

M6       Each Club, Group, Officer and Official shall receive direct from the Honorary Secretary an invitation to submit nominations for all official positions and Committees, which must be received by the Honorary Secretary one month before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

M7       Nominations and elections of the Officials listed below shall be made at the First Board Meeting, these Officials have full voting rights.

            a) Assist Honorary Secretary                         e) Motocross Recorder

            b) Competition Secretary                               f) Trials Recorder

            c) Stewards Co-ordinator                               g) Senior Sound Inspector

            d) TSM  Editor                                                h) Track Racing Recorder

Eight members of the Management Committee

M8       Nominations and elections of the Officials listed below shall be made at the First Board Meeting, these Officials do not have voting rights.

            a) Honorary Auditors                                      c) Ben Fund Representatives

            b) Rights of Way Rep                                    

M9       The National Management Council Delegate shall be elected by the Management Committee from Nominations received prior to the November National Management Council Meeting.

M10     In A-CU South Midland elections delegates shall vote for not more than the required number of candidates. A vote for less than the required number shall not be considered as invalid. (17.1.82)

M11     Proposals can only be submitted by A-CU South Midland Committee’s, Clubs or Groups, and must be received by the Honorary Secretary in time for inclusion on the Agenda for Board Meetings.

M12     Proposals will not be accepted under ‘Any Other Business’.

M13     Voting at Annual General Meeting and Board Meetings shall be strictly proportionate, and Officers, Officials and Clubs may vote. (A-CU Model Local By-laws 2.2)




F1        Financial Year. The Accounting Period in the A-CU South Midland shall be from 1st October to 30th September in the following year. (12.4.01)

F2        Finance Committee. The Finance Sub committee shall be appointed by the Management Committee. (12.4.01)

F3        Cheques. The Honorary Treasurer, the Chairman and the Honorary Secretary are each authorised to sign Cheques in their own right up to the sum of £2,500; for amounts in excess of £2,500, the authority of the Management Committee is required.



O1       A-CU South Midland Officers and Officials, as authorised by the South Midland Management Committee, shall be entitled to reimbursement of all reasonable expenses incurred whilst on legitimate business. The Honorary Treasurer is empowered to pay such sums that may be required for petty cash.

O2       A Steward shall be present at the following:- all Speed events, Arena Trials, Expert Championship Trials, Time and Observation Trials, Enduro’s and Hare and Hounds. For practice meetings a Steward shall be appointed at the Stewards Co-ordinators discretion. (3.5.25 & 27.7.89)

O3       The Stewards Co-ordinator is empowered to appoint a Steward for any competition if he considers such an action desirable. (13.3.38)

O4       The Steward shall be paid a set fee to cover out of pocket expenses. The fee will be set by the Board and paid by the Treasurer. ACU Rugby will pay the Stewards fee for permits issued by them.(9.11.14)

O5       No one shall be appointed to the Panel of Stewards until they have served a probationary period under qualified Stewards and have reached the standard determined by the Management Committee.

O6       Stewards shall be allowed to specialise if they so wish. (20.1.80)

O7       The Office of Vice-President shall be open to anyone whom the A-CU South Midland wishes to honour for his or her services in forwarding the cause of the South Midland, the A-CU, or the sport, and there shall not be more than six Vice-Presidents at any one time. Each year three Vice-Presidents to be elected for a period of two years, and shall be nominated in accordance with Rule M2.(25.1.48)

O8       A Vice-President shall have the full privileges as a member of the Board, including the right to vote at a Board Meeting, except that the office shall not in itself carry with it the ex-officio right of attendance at the meetings of any Committee or Sub-Committee. (19.1.47)

O9       Life Vice-Presidents. The Management Committee may, at the last meeting of any session, recommend to the next Annual General Meeting, the appointment of Life Vice-Presidents. Such recommendations shall require a clear two-thirds majority vote of the Board of those present and voting. Life Vice-Presidents shall not be included in the prescribed number laid down as a maximum for Vice-Presidents, but they shall have the same privileges (27.1.52)

O10     Rights and privileges of Vice-Presidents and Life Vice-Presidents:-

            a) Right to attend and vote at Board Meetings.

            b) To be sent a copy of the Agenda and Minutes of the Board meetings.

            c) To receive a copy of the Magazine.

            d) May be given an A-CU South Midland Pass

O11     The duly elected Delegate to the National Management Council of the A-CU shall be a recognised member of the A-CU South Midland Management Committee and of the Board with full voting power.

O12     In the case of the National Management Delegate a ‘potted history’ supplied by the nominee’s shall be circulated with the Agenda for the meeting at which voting is to take place. (11.11.84)

O13     All mandates given to the A-CU South Midland National Delegate shall be in writing. (7.7.83)

O14     Clerks of the Course and Scrutineer’s for all events which have Permits issued by the A-CU South Midland must hold current licences, recognised by the South Midland. The Board reserves the right to require other event officials to hold appropriate qualifications. (21.1.90)

O15     Passes. The A-CU South Midland may issue Annual Passes of Admission to all Officers, Officials, the Management Committee and Stewards. (19.7.53) 



MC1    The affairs of the A-CU South Midland shall be delegated by the Board to a Management Committee composed of the Officers as detailed in M 2 and M 7, The National Council Delegate and any other South Midland resident appointed to an A-CU Committee. (18.1.98)

MC2    The Management Committee is authorised to appoint Sub-Committees who are empowered to appoint their own Chairmen and Secretaries. The Chairmen must be members of the South Midland Management Committee.

MC3    Code of Conduct. Any person elected shall be expected to work as a member of that Committee or Sub-Committee and will accept the decision of that Committee or Sub-Committee. Should the Chairman not act as spokesman for the Committee, a member will be nominated.

MC4    If a Committee Member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without notification of absence, they shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.

MC5    The Emergency Committee will be the President, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Hon. Secretary, the National Management Council Delegate and other officers as necessary.

MC6    The South Midland Management Committee has the authority to ratify changes in Competition Rules put forward by the respective Sub-Committees. (18.1.98)

MC7    Any promotion by the A-CU South Midland controlled by a Sub-Committee, shall have as a member of the Sub-Committee the Honorary Treasurer. (18.1.98)

MC8    Sub-Committee’s should issue minutes that are circulated to A-CU South Midland Clubs. 



A1        Any local motorcycle club, association, institution or section of such local body connected with the sport or recreation of motorcycling shall, through the appropriate Local area of the Union, be eligible for affiliation to the Union under a standard form of agreement. (as amended by the Union from time to time). A-CU R.O.U. B.4

A2        Clubs making application shall attend the South Midland Management Committee meeting at a time and date to be specified. If the Club is not represented the Management Committee will defer the matter until the next meeting and the Club shall be informed. If at the following meeting of the Management Committee, the Club again fails to be represented or to give any reason in writing for non-attendance, the Management Committee may decide not to proceed with the application and to direct that the club shall be struck off the register and any fees already paid shall be forfeit.

A3        In the case of new Clubs applying for affiliation, the Honorary Secretary shall communicate with Neighbouring Clubs for their views before passing the application.

A4        Applications for affiliation will be decided upon by the Management Committee and notified to constituent clubs, and by publication on the website.

A5        The aims of each newly affiliated Club, together with the name and address of the Secretary, shall be published on the website.

A6        Fees. See A-CU Price List

A7        In any communication with the A-CU by members of the South Midland it must be made clear that the views expressed are not necessarily representative of the A-CU South Midland.

A8        It is the responsibility of all Clubs, Members and Officials to copy the Honorary Secretary when communicating direct with the A-CU. (8.1.22)

A9        Correspondence between the A-CU South Midland and third parties should be copied to any clubs involved in the subject


P1        The Competition Secretary will issue Trials Permits according to the Dates agreed at the Annual Trials Dates Meeting: any changes to these dates must be agreed between the Clubs involved, details of the agreement must be sent with the Permit Application. (16.1.00)

P2        Permits for Speed Events will only be issued by ACU Rugby, and onlyif a satisfactory Course Inspection has been carried out and a current T.C.C. exists. The Permit can be withdrawn at Stewards discretion if he considers the circuit unsafe.

P3        A fee will be charged for inspection and re-inspection of courses and A-CU Rugby will appoint a qualified Inspector who may claim this fee from the A-C.U. (4.86)

P4        No Club shall be permitted to circulate its regulations for any event until they have been approved; the Permit Number must be written on all signing on papers on the day.

P5        The Management Committee is authorised to approve any request for additional dates or the alteration of a date originally granted when the Fixture list was prepared. (31.7.66)

P6        Closed to Club permits may be issued for the same day as a higher status event, provided either the agreement of the higher status permit holder has been obtained, or the Permit Issuing Authority is satisfied that the granting of the Closed to Cub Permit will not have a detrimental effect on the higher status event. The granting of a Closed to Club Permit should not unreasonably be withheld.

P7        When Clubs are promoting a combined event, a joint Permit shall be issued, provided that one of the Clubs is eligible for that permit.(6.11.49)

P8        A permit shall be issued when two or more Groups wish to promote some form of Inter-Group Competition.

P9        All Clubs promoting events shall be responsible for collecting a levy on each rider as determined by the A-CU South Midland Board, the monies to be remitted to the Honorary Treasurer with the Event Statement.

P10      Permits for Restricted and Open Permit Trials may be issued for the same date provided, that all clubs intending to run on that date agree. Late applications must include written permission from other Club(s) concerned. Where Clubs cannot agree the Management Committee will adjudicate. (11.11.07)

P11      PERMIT APPLICATIONS. A Permit Application, together with Regulations and Entry Form, must be submitted to the Competition Secretary eight weeks prior to the event.

P12      Regulations for all Championship events should be published in the TSM/Magazine. 



C1       The A-CU South Midlands approves of groups. (29.9.46)

C2       Enquiries & Appeals.  The Management Committee is authorised to set up a Court of Enquiry to deal with and adjudicate on any inquiry or appeal lodged with the South Midland arising out of any matter concerning competitions held under Permits issued by the South Midland. This does not affect statutory rights under appropriate chapter in NSC. (23.1.56)

C3       Open Permit Regulations must be published.

C4       Restricted Entry Permits. A club may restrict the entry to suit circumstances, any restriction being detailed in the Supplementary Regulations. The promoting club must publicise the event, except Closed to Club events.

C5       Competition Records. It is mandatory for clubs to keep records of competitions for a minimum of seven years. Where the injured party is a minor, records must be kept for at least 3 years and three months after the injured party’s eighteenth birthday.  Where the injured party dies before the eighteenth birthday, records must be kept for three years and three months after the deceased would have attained 18 years of age.

C6       Members of Non-Territorial Clubs shall be permitted to ride in A-CU South Midland Events above Closed to Club Status.

C7       Team Managers. When the Manager of an A-CU South Midland Team is not a member (or ex-officio member) of the Management Committee, he/she shall be invited to attend a meeting of the Committee so that they may present the report personally as soon as possible after the event. (12.11.61)

C8       A-CU South Midland Teams. The Team Manager can be a riding member of the Team. The Team Manager chooses the team.(12.11.78)

C9       All Regulations should state that any competitor, where appropriate, must be prepared to produce proof of membership of an A-CU Affiliated Club when signing on at an event.

C10     A rider, having entered an event and being a non-starter, must notify the Secretary of the Meeting for that event, explaining their absence, within 14 days of the Meeting. Failure to do so may result in action being taken under the appropriate N.S.C. Rule.

C11     Event Statement and Payment. If a statement, together with payment, is not received by Hon. Treasurer within fourteen days from the date of the competition, the promoting Club shall be required, in writing, to send settlement without further delay. If at the end of a further fourteen days payment in full has not been made by the Club, the Management Committee is authorised to take whatever disciplinary action it may consider necessary. (11.11.62)

C12     Entry Fee Dishonoured. The promoting Club shall inform the entrant that the entry is considered null and void, and that any award obtained shall be forfeited and the awards list amended. (14.3.47)

C13     Where any rider has presented a cheque which is subsequently dishonoured, additional bank costs and fee’s incurred by the club will be charged. Failure to make payment may result in Court of Inquiry being convened. (8.11.81)

C14     Direction and Route Signs. All direction signs and cards must be removed not later than twenty-four hours after the event. (8.3.31)

C15     All trophies which are the property of the A-CU South Midland shall be returned as directed by the Management Committee at the end of a period of twelve months. Ownership shall not pass to any individual.

C16     Secretaries of Meetings of events above Closed to Club status, must send completed programme to Recorder. (Enduro, Grass Track and Trials).(11.11.07)

C17     Secretaries of Meetings of all Motocross events of all status, including Closed to Club status, must send a completed programme and results to the Recorder and to the A-C.U. Rugby. (11.11.07)

C18     All A-CU members are eligible to ride in Championship Events, but to receive points they must be, and enter the event as, a full member of an Affiliated A-CU South Midland Club. Club Day Members are not eligible for Championship points. ( Rule suspended for Grass Track 13.11.16 AGM)




MX1    No rider shall be a member of more than one Club for the purpose of Championship meetings under Open Permits in the South Midland.  A rider may be a member of other South Midland Clubs for the purpose of Closed to Club Events.

MX2    All riding members (i.e. Junior, Expert, Over 40’s and 50’s, Sidecar Driver and Passenger) of the organising Club are responsible for clearing the course after the meeting.  Exemptions (i.e. out of South Midland area riders) will be at the discretion of the Secretary of the meeting.

MX3    All riders should be prepared to provide an able bodied person to assist with the running of a motocross meeting that they enter, should they be requested to do so by the organising club.

MX4    Upgrading. Solo riders – Upgrading from Junior to Expert as per Motocross Drivers Grading scheme (Adult) in Current A-CU Handbook.

MX5    Expert riders from other organisations shall retain that status when competing in A-CU events.

MX6    The format of the South Midland Championships shall be determined by the Motocross Subcommittee.

MX7    Practice meetings.  No organised practice meeting shall be held without a permit having been granted and the necessary insurance effected.

MX8    South Midland Transponder System – The Clubs should ensure the signed Transponder Equipment Agreement is adhered to.

MX9    Upgrading. Upgrading of Youth riders is to be in line with current A-CU Handbook regulations. 



T1        A-CU South Midland Trials. When a Club undertakes the organisation of an event on behalf of the A-CU South Midland, the A-CU South Midland will defray the cost of the regulations. (10.11.35)

T2        Results. These shall contain at least the Name, Number, Club and Category of the riders entered. Clubs running Championship events must send a copy of their results to the Trials Recorder.

T3        The South Midland and Inter Club Team Trials. The Team Contest will be restricted to solo machines. The Inter Club Team trial may be incorporated in one of the South Midlands existing trials.

T4        South Midland Trials Championships. These shall run from 1st January to 31st December each year, excluding the British Bike Championship Series. Expert Championship trials must run on an Open Permit or above and have a Steward present.

            Intermediate and Novice Championship Rounds may run on an Open or Restricted Permit. A Steward may be present.

T5        Upgrading. Novice riders will be upgraded when they have won three Best Novice Awards in the Calendar year 1st January to 31st December. They may continue to ride as a Novice for that year, but will be upgraded on 1st January of the following year. They may then ride the harder routes or continue to ride the easier middle route, but they may no longer enter as a Novice. The winner of the Novice Championship will be upgraded on 1st January of the following year. There will be no opportunity to down grade to Novice.

T6        The use of Dews Farm shall be as determined by the London Borough of Hillingdon and the Management Committee of the A-CU South Midland.

T7        A 50/50 Championship. From 1st January 2013 the Intermediate and 50/50 Championships will be combined and renamed “The A-CU South Midland Intermediate Championship”. The winner of the Intermediate Championship may if they so wish be upgraded to Expert Status. However if they do not wish to be upgraded the following year they may continue to contest the Intermediate Series in the following years. If they win this Championship for three consecutive years they can then only ride on a “no points” basis. After a break of one year they may then Contest the Championship again.

            Eligibility. Riders who have not scored points in the South Midland Expert Championship in the previous year will be eligible to score points in the Intermediate Championship Series.


GT1     The A-CU South Midland Championship may be decided at one or more meetings.

                        Capacity Classes :-

                        Solo     up to 250 cc, 251 to 350 cc. 351 – 500 cc.

                        Sidecar 1000 cc Right Hand Sidecar only.

                        Additional Classes may be added at the Management Committee’s discretion.